South Burlington Dog Grooming

Get your dog looking and smelling great-pamper them with professional grooming service with Michelle Przybylski, who has been grooming for 35 years! Michelle grooms all breeds of dogs and cats. A groom includes: Nails shaped by a Dremel, Ears Cleaned, Good Brushing Out, Teeth Brushed, A bath (with proper shampoo for pet). She also does a shed less treatment which includes: Extra brushing and Blowing out the coat, Special Shampoo, Special Conditioner. She can Hand strip Terriers. Hand stripping keeps the harsh coat texture the way it should be. Michelle will do any breed standard hair cut and any puppy cut. Michelle also offers: Mohawks, Nail polish. Your dog will be tenderly and professionally groomed to perfection. Please call for an appointment in advance. If leaving a message, please include your name, pet’s name, breed, preferred dates and times, and your phone number. Our groomer sees all types of breeds and sizes and can cater to their special needs.