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Published: Nov 23, 2011

With Thanksgiving just one day away, families around the nation are doing last minute preparations to get ready for the main event - though some may be forgetting to include their pets in the prepping.

According to, Thanksgiving can be a dog's favorite day, as there will be more people to pet and play with it and it has more opportunities to get table scraps. Although dogs may love the taste of a Thanksgiving feast, many of the ingredients can actually be harmful to them, making it important that owners watch out during dinner. Onions can be deadly to dogs and tend to be in the majority of dishes, from mashed potatoes to stuffing. Many think turkey is fine, but it tends to be stuffed and basted in fats to crisp the skin, which is unhealthy for dogs.

If guests do want to give the dog a little nibble, make sure it's skin-free turkey and have the guest put the treat in its dog bowl so it doesn't develop bad table manners.

Most people like to relax after a big meal, though sticking to a dog's exercise routine is important and shouldn't be avoided even for one day. Make this day's walk a family affair - get nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts moving by going for a 30 minute or longer walk with the dog. VCA Animal Hospitals reports that dogs need two 30-minute walks each day to maintain good overall pet health, so families may want to walk the dog once before guests arrive as well to help keep it calm during the dinner.