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Published: May 05, 2011

A dog and a goose, who live in the same farm in China, are now inseparable following an accident. The goose was hit by a car and the dog picked the goose up by his mouth and carried him to safety, according to Orange News.

The mature dog brought the goose back to the farm, which is located in a village named Urumchi, and the feathered-animal did not look like he was going to survive, the media outlet reports.

The owner of the animals, whose name is Yu Yanping, was startled when he saw the goose in the dog's mouth. He initially thought the worst, only to be later surprised. Now the animals do everything together.

"They eat from the same bowl and even share the dog's kennel," said Yanping to the news source. "When the goose hears anything he starts honking - and that starts the dog barking. They are a great burglar alarm."

Dogs are notoriously heroic companions. According to the Associated Press, a pitbull recently woke up his owners because a fire had started, possibly saving their lives.