VCA Bridgeport Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Great Care

-Robert Wolf from Lancaster, PA

The staff at VCA Bridgeport Animal Hospital has proven themselves to be kind, considerate and understanding. The veterinary staff is professional, knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. When a diagnosis is made that requires a specialist or the use of special diagnostic equipment, they know the professional to make a referral to. A few of the patients who have received the great care at VCA Bridgeport are my twelve dachshunds.

Completely At Home

-Catherine Havemeier and Kate Oppenheimer from Lancaster, PA

Having lived in Lancaster for forty years and having had many pets during that time, my daughter and I cannot say enough in praise of VCA Bridgeport Animal Hospital. When Smoketown took over from Dr. Armstrong we were old patients who happily stayed. We feel completely at home every time we visit, know that whether it's our mastiff, Lucia or our pug

Exemplary Care

-Matt and Ashlee Boyer from Lancaster, PA

Since 2004 all three of our dogs have received exemplary care at VCA Bridgeport Animal Hospital. The entire staff is very caring and knowledgeable; and the Doctors are always willing to extensively answer all of our questions For excellent medical care and peace of mind we highly recommend VCA Bridgeport Animal Hospital for your pet.

Very Caring

-Lynn Marzolf from Lancaster, PA

I have four cats, three of whom have chronic illnesses so I make frequent trips to the veterinary hospital. I have been taking my cats to VCA Bridgeport Animal Hospital for a number of years now. Initially I chose VCA Bridgeport because of its convenient location, but I have stayed because of the people who work there and the level of care they provide for my cats.
Everyone there--from the receptionists to the technicians to the doctors--is very caring and responsive. I most often see Dr. Hodges; she always takes time to answer my questions and discuss treatment options, and if necessary, calls me at home to follow up. My cats are part of my family; I'm very particular about their healthcare and I wouldn't take them any place else.

Pet Image

Kind and Caring service

-Dawn Colton from Lancaster, PA
Pet Name: George

I have owned a Flemish Giant rabbit for 2 1/2 years- George. Dr. Hall has been providing treatment for George. George was a disabled bunny and other vets felt I should have put him down since he was 6 months old. Dr. Hall was very compassionate and believed as I did that George was very much alive and had a life worth living, I am so glad he confirmed my belief. George lasted another 2 years and recently passed away. Dr. Hall called me to offer his condolences, which meant the world to me. He knew George was a fighter and I believe he thought as I did, that George should be given every chance to pull through his last ordeal. Sadly he lost his battle. I would not take my pets anywhere else but to Dr. Hall. He has the compassion that is missing in a lot of vets nowadays.

Caring and Skilled Staff

-Kelly Psiuk from Malvern, PA
Pet Name: Pixel, Chip and our entire featherd flock

I have been using Smoketown Vet Hosp for our feathered and fur-baby care since 1989. We have followed Dr. Hall all the way up to VCA Bridgeport on occasion and can honestly say we have never had a bad experience at either hospital (although poor Dr. Hall has seen me cry one too many times when we inevitably loose one of our pets... but it's nice to be in a familiar setting and surrounded by people you are comfortable with when going through such a loss). We drive 60 minutes in each direction to VCA Bridgeport and the care we receive there is so well worth it. We are forever grateful for their expert and compassionate care. Thanks... love you guys!


-D'Orazio Family from Lancaster,Pa., PA
Pet Name: Lisa D'Orazio

can't say enough about the care our cats received over the years, our male cat a few years back was so sick with a fever and stomach issues that when we brought him in right a way the staff and vet on duty cared to his every need with out hesitation even while waiting in the waiting room before the appointment to bring him back for a vet check was peaceful with the front desk asking if we needed anything and just being so kind in simple conversation to keep us relaxed and now over the years we feel when ever we bring our babies in to get check ups and dental care it is a feeling of family being on first name bases with every one and knowing that the cats are welled care for so if you are on the fence about coming in for care jump in to see how wonderful this place can be.