VCA Brentwood Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Saved My Dogs Leg

-Shannon Salmon from Playa Vista, CA
Pet Name: Kofi

I had been to other "specialists" telling me that my dog Kofi had to either go through Chemo or have his leg amputated for a tumor that he had on his paw. When I asked Dr. Olds for his opinion he suggested we remove the tumor and see what happens. When he saw my dog's tumor, he got angry and questioned me about whom suggested an amputation. Then he suggested that we take the tumor off which included the amputation of a part of my dogs paw, without amputation without chemo to see if that would work. He worked with me and my dog for six weeks through that process. It has been 5 yrs and my dog, Kofi, is running around, swimming, playing, and having fun with all of his legs. Thank you! Dr. Olds!!!!!


-Mona Webb from Los Angeles, CA
Pet Name: Gigi

My bullmastiff girl had a spay surgery together with the complex surgery of tacking the stomach to prevent torsion. A looong incision. My dog took a day or two to recover from the anesthesia, then nothing. No scratching, no licking, no need for the awful bucket collar. The stitching did not bother the dog one little bit. Now that is impressive. Thank you, Dr Olds.

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One in a million

-Marcia Needels from Westlake Village, CA
Pet Name: Levi

Our beloved husky had an infection that kept returning, and Dr. Olds was a rare find in his thorough and compassionate care of our pet. He laid out treatment options and gave us a complete picture of each one. Dr. Olds treated our husky as if he was his own dog, and we cannot recommend him highly enough. The staff was compassionate, and we will gladly return and recommend others.