Client Services

  • Receptionist Supervisor

    Martha Rodriguez

    Because of her way with animals and people, Martha was encouraged to work in the animal hospital field by a friend. Based on that recommendation, she decided to try it and found that her friend was right; Martha loved working with people and their pets. For Martha, the most rewarding part of her job is working with clients and helping to make sure all of their needs are met.

    Now, twenty years later, Martha is the Team Lead Receptionist at VCA Brentwood. She has been a part of the VCA Brentwood team for nine years after her first job at an animal hospital in Beverly Hills where she worked for eleven years.

    She has three dogs, two fishes and a bearded dragon. Lola a beagle, is the oldest of the three. Hazel a terrier rescue, and Chevy a bulldog belonging to her youngest son.

  • Receptionist

    Vilma Nerio Fuentes
    School: Santa Monica College, CSUDH

    Soon after graduation from Santa Monica College, Vilma transferred to Cal State Dominguez Hills and received her B.A. in Liberal Studies. Upon graduating she decided that her real passion was working with animals. She joined the VCA family back in 2012, and ever since then she's been enjoying the experience. On her free time, Vilma likes to spend her time at Disneyland or at the park. She has two dogs, Turbo a small and cute Chihuahua, and Astro a majestic Cane Corso.

  • Receptionist

    Erika Perez

  • Receptionist

    Teresa Rosas

  • Receptionist

    Nona Washington

    Ten years ago a good friend who already worked at an animal hospital in the area, suggested that since Nona has always loved animals, she should think about working in an animal hospital. So, with that recommendation, she decided to see what it was all about. After almost five years at that hospital, in 2007, Nona moved to VCA Brentwood and has been there ever since.

    Nona has two hometowns; the Los Angeles area and in Japan, on the Northern Island of Hokkaido. Nona is fluent in Japanese. She is also a professional artist working in a variety of mediums from acrylic to charcoal and water colors. Her main focus is portraits, and character illustrations.

    When she is not working on her art, or at the hospital, you may find her shopping for vintage clothes or furniture or at a local restaurant that serves great food.