Hospitalization Services

When Your Pet is Hospitalized

At VCA Braelinn Village Animal Hospital we are committed to improving animal health care by helping to more accurately diagnose patients so that they can receive the best care available. We strive to practice veterinary medicine with compassion, and always try to take into consideration the needs and desires of our clients. We understand that the need for hospitalization, treatments and/or procedures can be very stressful for both you and your pet. While advanced skills and training of our staff will help ensure that your pet receives the best possible care, we hope that the following guidelines can help make your experience with our hospital as pleasant as possible.

Telephone and General Communication

Good communication between our clients and staff is essential. Your doctor or technician will keep you updated on your pet's progress during their stay. You are always welcome to call us. To prevent miscommunication and promote more efficient patient care, we request that you designate only one individual (preferably the pet owner) as the contact person to phone the hospital regarding patient updates. Your doctor can inform you of the best time to call. You may call at other times; however, the staff may only be able to provide limited information. Rest assured that any change in your pet's condition would be immediately relayed to you. For this reason it is important to keep us informed of the contact numbers where you can be reached in case of emergency.

Patient Visitation

In order to provide quality care for all of our hospitalized patients, please check with your doctor regarding the visitation of your pet.

Visiting hours are between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm, unless otherwise agreed upon between you and your doctor. We ask that you limit your stay to 15 minutes.

Patient Discharge

Please schedule your pet's discharge with your doctor or technician during their normal business hours (generally Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm) so that your doctor and staff can answer your questions. When you pick up your pet you will receive detailed instructions that explain your pet's home care instructions. Alternate discharges times can be arranged if necessary but may involve another staff member who is not as familiar with your pet's condition. In these instances we may have to contact you at a later time with the answers to your questions or concerns after speaking with your pet's veterinarian.

Serious Illness

Due to the seriousness of many patients' conditions, we cannot guarantee a positive outcome. Please remember that only the doctor is qualified to discuss your pet's prognosis. In the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest, all attempts to resuscitate your pet will be made, pending contact with you in order to ascertain your wishes. Since these steps can be expensive and are not always successful, it is recommended that you discuss your wishes ahead of time with your doctor should such an unfortunate circumstance occur.