Our Pet Care Partners

Caring for all of your pet's needs takes more than we could ever provide alone. Here are some local organizations and businesses that we recommend to our patients and their families.

Pet Health and Lifestyle Information

We know a well-informed owner coupled with an expert veterinary care team is key to maintaining the happiness and health of your pet. That’s why we partnered with Vetstreet.com to bring you additional pet health and lifestyle information you can’t find on our website. Vetstreet.com contains a wealth of pet information written by leading veterinarians, journalists, and animal health care experts. Whether you are wondering about why your dog puts his head out of the window while driving, seeking a workout plan for you and your dog, or trying to figure out how to get your cat to take her medicine, VCA and Vetstreet.com are here to help.

Visit: Vetstreet.com

  • Peninsula SPCA

    We work closely with our local Peninsula SPCA. We believe that by helping the families who adopt animals from the SPCA, we are supporting their mission of finding a loving home for every orphaned pet in our community.

    Visit Peninsula SPCA

  • Animal Aid Society

    Animal Aid Society is a non-profit shelter for dogs.

    Visit Animal Aid Society

  • The Cat Corner

    The Cat Corner is a no-kill cat shelter that helps kittens find a loving home.

    Visit The Cat Corner

  • Pets For Patriots

    Pets for Patriots’ vision is to end animal homelessness by supporting the permanent placement of adult dogs and cats with every available, able and willing military family in the U.S. They exist to transform the lives of our veterans by helping them save an at-risk shelter dog or cat.

    Visit Pets For Patriots

  • Pupquest

    Looking for a new puppy? Look before you purchase!

    Visit Pupquest

  • Military Bridge

    Mission Statement �" From our military experience, we have learned over the course of time that there are several businesses that extend themselves to military members through exceptional service and/or incentives. Our goal is to connect those that sacrifice for our country, to the businesses that sacrifice for them. Whether you’re Active Duty, National Guard, military dependent, or a retiree, we strive to be a resource that will guide you to the best of each service, sector, and/or trade. Our mission is to connect you with the best of local businesses who go above and beyond in offering superior service and/or military incentives.

    Visit Military Bridge

  • Newport News Animal Services

    We have a long standing partnership with the Newport News Animal Services Division. Animal Services Officers provide many services to our community including; after hours emergency services, animal law enforcement, community education programs, lost and found animals and wildlife assistance.

    Visit Newport News Animal Services

  • Canine Influenza Information

    Canine Influenza - What I need to know

    Visit Canine Influenza Information

  • Bark Busters Home Dog Training

    Local Dog Trainers - here to help your dog to be happy and well behaved.

    Visit Bark Busters Home Dog Training

  • HomeAgain

    What would you do if your pet were lost?

    Visit HomeAgain

  • Fido Field Dog Park at Riverview Farm Park

    Want to have some fun with your dog? Visit Fido Field.

    Visit Fido Field Dog Park at Riverview Farm Park

  • Trupanion Pet Insurance

    The pet insurance policy from Trupanion covers 90%* of actual veterinary costs with no limits on payout.
    Visit Trupanion.com/VCA
    *Terms and conditions apply. Underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company.

    Visit Trupanion Pet Insurance

Pet Loss Resources

Losing a pet can be devastating, but you are not alone in your grief. The following online communities and resources can help you begin recovering from your loss.