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By Michelle Righenzi
Published: November 04, 2009

After much anticipation our newest groomer has finally arrived!  Christina Alexander, freestyle groomer, joined the Boulevard team this summer and with her came a little bit of glamour, an ounce of fashion and a whole lot of flair!

Christina enjoys breed standard grooming for our most discriminating clients. Additionally, she has developed a unique "personalized mutt styling" system that she uses to customize styles that best suits your mixed breed pet.  Christina’s biggest passion however, is the art of freestyle grooming utilizing unique cuts, and hair dyes.  She finishes off her styles with beautiful hand made bows, bandannas and nail polishes.  

Christina attended the Nash grooming academy in Lexington, Kentucky and has been helping pets to look their best for five years now.

Christina would like to invite you to stop in and view her grooming portfolio, which highlights both her traditional and non-traditional grooming expertise.