Janel Zuranski, DVM, Medical Director

DVM, Iowa State University


Veterinary medicine is about compassion and relationships. I started this career after graduation with my DVM degree from Iowa State in 1987, and joined Boulder Terrace in 1995.
The best part of my job has been getting to know the dogs and cats that inspire me to become a better person and veterinarian. These pets propel me to continue to learn, grow, investigate, and collaborate to provide them the best care that we can. Each of them, in their own way, has changed my life. Nick, a beautiful Samoyed, survived Blastomycosis in his brain with great bravery, inner strength, and the passion of his owner. Buck, a lab whose picture I carry, always brought love and trust despite his struggles with kidney failure that eventually took him from us. Maggie, a shepherd mix, shared joy with everyone in her path despite her debilitating arthritis pain, pressure wounds and laundry list of resistant bacterial infections. Moe was a tiny kitten when he was abused and left for dead in a dumpster. Since his rescue, despite seeing the worst in human nature, he shares a loving cuddle and peaceful purr with anyone willing to stop and know him.
My family has also been inspired by the love of animals. Bailey, our black lab, found us when she was three years old. We were her fourth family, and we knew immediately that she belonged with us. She was an inspirational dog with chronic arthritis who taught me to “wag through the pain”. No matter what your obstacle, if you put your heart into it, everything is possible. (How does a dog that can barely walk climb over the garden fence to get the ripe tomatoes?) Even in her last days she brought joy despite her struggles.
We also share our lives with 2 cats, who at 4 weeks old came to our home in an orphaned litter of 6. These two stole our hearts, along with our breakfast milk, and watermelon.
Recently a golden retriever puppy, Gossamer, joined our family. We're working to become a therapy dog team so we can spread the joy and unconditional love of dogs to the people who need it most.
Whether it’s a well-check, a follow-up visit, or something more serious we will work together to treat your pet with the utmost care and compassion.