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Published: May 27, 2011

The Nebraska Humane Society has been attempting to alter a bill that requires breeders to get their animals more exercise. The breeders have been resisting the new bill due to belief that they will have to pay more money, resulting in several of them going out of business. However, on Tuesday, the two groups reached an agreement, according to the Journal Star.

This new bill will mainly require breeders to ensure that the animal is exercising and is living in healthy conditions.

The main focus of the new bill is to make sure these new pups receive regular and annual exams from their veterinarian including on-site visits, mandating that only these professional can perform surgeries, and that the breeder must contact their pooch's doctor immediately when the four-legged companion starts to become ill, the news source reports.

The two groups agreed once the breeders felt the new regulations would not hurt their business and would improve pet health.

The ASCPA's suggested practices for breeders include much of the same that is listed in the bill. It also adds that breeders should understand the exact environment that these animals will be exposed to in their new homes.