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Cat Help

-Mike from Suffield, CT
Pet Name: Roo

One of our new kittens (Roo) swallowed a chicken bone and we called Boston Road Animal Hospital to find out what to do. I spoke with Dr. Christine Pelletier and she assured me that as long as the cat wasn't choking or coughing, it would most likely be fine. Her help was very comforting and our kitten seems to be doing fine.

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Care for Life

-Maureen and Larry Jaconetta from Indian Orchard, MA
Pet Name: Max and Shadow

Our black spaniel mixed breed dog, Shadow, was primarily a patient of Dr. Crouser's, who treated our girl with the utmost concern for her happiness, comfort, as well as her health, particularly in her later stages - Shadow was 171/2 years old when she left us, and we are convinced that the care she received throughout her life from your facility and its wonderful staff contributed greatly to her longevity. Dr. Pelletier was also instrumental in Shadow's final days, as well as caring for our ferret, Max, who was with us 6 1/2 years, thanks to her loving care. Guess what, Dr. Pelletier? We've just adopted two new ferrets, Frodo & Sam, who will be visiting with you soon!

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Bring Your Pet Here

-Karen Senecal from Indian Orchard, MA
Pet Name: Ivan Alexander, Mr Bossy

I have read some of the crazy things on other sites about this hospital. I can tell you they are all rubbish. I have been bringing my cats there for over ten years and would not go anywhere else. The staff is always caring and attentive both to patients and owners. The techs treat the pets with love and care. The Vets (I use Dr. Crouser) have never uttered a harsh word about anything. He treats my cats as he would treat his own. If you loose an amimal you can tell that he feels your loss with you. I would never go anywhere else. Cheaper does not mean better. The well being of your pet and how it is treated the most important. Love is caring and thats just what you get at Boston Road Animal Hospital.

Kudos to VCA Boston Road, Springfield MA

-Eileen French from Springfield, MA

I have been bringing my cats (all senior citizens) to VCA Boston Road for about 5 years now. With very very few exceptions, the staff (techs, reception, doctors) have been amazing. I have only dealt with one other practice where I have felt so comfortable and where I know my cats are treated with so much respect and compassion. The doctors explain everything to me in terms I can understand without sounding superior. The techs treat each cat like it was their own and the staff in the reception area have gone out of their way on numerous occasions to ensure I could pick up whatever medications/food necessary at the time. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

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Excellent Care

-Amy from Palmer, MA
Pet Name: Zoe

Thank you everyone at Boston Rd. Animal Hospital for taking such great care of our sweet little Zoe cat. She had a laser declaw by Dr. Stambaugh and just as we were told the surgery went great and there was such a short recovery time. Dr. Stambaugh was excellent with keeping us informed about the procedure and educated on how to care for her post surgery. The techs took great care of her during her stay and we are always so happy with the care that our pets receive from everyone at the hospital. We look forward to seeing you at our next wellness visit and we are glad you are there if we have an emergency.

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They were there for us in the time of need.

-Jeri Young from Monson, MA
Pet Name: Kit

A night that turned from normal to worse these wonderful woman were there for my family and I in the time of need. Our cat Kit was sick and even at 3 am they were there to help us out. They helped use my the hard decision to have to say goodbye and did everything that they could to be there for not only use but for Kit and that made the difference to me. After they gave use keepsakes to help remember our kitty. Thank you for all your hard work and understanding.

A Beacon In a Time Of Sorrow

-John from Springfield, MA
Pet Name: Echo

I had to put a beloved pet to sleep and I can't begin to describe how compassionate the team at Boston Rd were! Dr Pellitier, Tracey, & Emily couldn't have been more wonderful. They made an awful night as painless as possible for me & my loved one. Their humanity should serve as a shining example to everyone in any medical field.

Thanks for helping Callie

-Maryann from Wilbraham, MA

Last night, Callie, our 11 year old collie mix collapsed on her nightly walk --her back legs just gave way and she couldn't walk and was experiencing siezure like symptoms. We were terrified and brought her right down to Boston Road Animal Hospital. This was our first visit there and I must say I was very impressed with every aspect of our visit and care. The staff came right out with a stretcher and took Callie in to start evaluating her immediately. In less than 30 minutes we were put into a room and Dr. Joseph Cosman came in to talk to us. He was extremely patient and caring and very informative in what his diagnosis was and what they were doing for Callie. He brought us in to where they were caring for her and continued to talk to us there about our options for her care. Dr. Cosman expressed several times that it was our decision as to which course of action to take and he would help and support us in whichever option we chose. We decided to take Callie home where we thought she would be more comfortable. Dr. Cosman gave Callie the meds she needed, continued to monitor her and come out and update us until she was released. He wrote a complete and thorough report and gave that to us as well as faxed it to Callie's regular vet. As far as the bill for services, I thought it was extremely fair and reasonable. Thankfully Callie has improved dramatically since we brought her in. Dr. Cosman called us first thing this morning to check on how all of us were doing and was genuinely pleased she was improving. He said if we had any questions at any time, not to hesitate to call. We took Callie to our regular vet this morning as an extra precaution. He was pleased with our total experience at the hospital from the care we received and the options we were given to the amount we were charged.The hospital called us again this afternoon to once again check on how Callie was doing and once again told us to feel free to call at any time if we had any questions or concerns. I want to thank everyone at the Boston Road facility and especially Dr. Cosman. Everyone we came in contact with was extremely caring, concerned and patient throughout our entire experience. While I hope we never have another pet emergency, if we do, I will without any hesitation or reservation, return to the hospital.


-phyllis from Springfield, MA
Pet Name: lady

Thank you for your help and kindness in this sad time for me and my family. We had to put our Lady to sleep today and it was not an easy time for us. We will miss her very much.

Caring Staff

-Mike from Wilbraham, MA
Pet Name: Dakota

I couldn't have been much more pleased with my experience. I had to bring my cat Dakota in because she was vomiting and wouldn't eat again. I had to leave her overnight twice for testing and to keep an eye on her. I talked to so many staff that unfortunately I can't remember all their names but I was very pleased with all the times they called me to give me updates and the time they took to explain everything. I was afraid to leave Dakota overnight but the staff was so affectionate with her that they made it much easier. I even called during the night to check on her and they gladly gave me detailed updates. The staff understands what our pets mean to us and work there because they care. Everything was about what was best for Dakota and not what would make the hospital the most money. I was also able to visit Dakota for as long as I wanted to in our own room. Fortunately we were able to avoid surgery and just give her some medication. Now she's recovering well at home. I definitely recommend this place for the best care.