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  • Kennel Assistant

    Rachael Camaraza

    Rachael is a proud New Jersey native who just recently moved to Florida. She’s always had a love for animals and enjoyed interacting with them since she was a little girl. Rachael was lucky enough to be hired as a technician at a private practice for 4 years. She attended seminars and had amazing hands on experience. She is now a proud new member of the VCA team where she will continue to grow and learn. Rachael has 4 wonderful Springer Spaniels Sadie, Ruby and Chunck who are back at home with her family and Chloe (who she considers her best friend) here in Florida with her and her boyfriend of 5 years. In her free time she enjoy going to the beach, taking Chloe to the dog park, nature walks, basically anything outdoors and hanging out with her family.

    Why I come to work everyday

    The reason I work in the animal healthcare profession is because I enjoy working with animals. I'm so thankful for the knowledge and hands on experience I gained from working as a vet tech. Since I was little I always wanted to rescue animals, I suppose in a sense, working at an animal hospital is rescuing animals. It's very rewarding to me. Whether its assisting in providing patients with a healthy life or providing patients who have chronic conditions or an illness with a quality of life. I love interacting with animals-they always manage to put a smile on my face. I have three dogs back at home in NJ and one here with me, they mean the world to me and I couldn't imagine life without them! My pets are always there for me with unconditional love. I'm proud to take care of our clients who share that same bond with their pets. I enjoy seeing the interaction and relationship between owner and pet. Being a vet tech was the first job I had where I enjoyed and loved going to work.

  • Kennel Assistant

    Aletheia Guerrero

    My name is Aletheia Guerrero and I was born in Texas, when I was in fifth grade my family and I moved to florida. Ever since I was a little girl I remember always having a pet whether it was a cat, dog, or hamster. From a young age I learned to take care of animals and love them for each of their own uniqueness and personality. When I was 18 I bought my first ferret named fidget and realized she needed a friend so a year later bought her a friend named luna, which is short for lunatic. Now my oldest ferret is 7 years old and my younger ferret is 6. My parents also own a Shiba Inu named Suki who is 1years old, they plan on showing and breeding her when she becomes a little older. Today I am lucky to say that I am a proud member of VCA and am grateful to have been given the chance to work with the amazing staff and animals.

     Why I come to work everyday

    The reason why I enjoy working with animals is simple, my passion and love for them keeps me going. Being able to walk into a job where there are little smiling faces waiting for me to take care of them makes it all worth it. Knowing that I can help to be a part of an animals wellness gives me great pleasure.

  • Groomer

    Alanna Dorundo
    School: Foster and Smith

    Alanna is a great asset to the team. She is currently enrolled online to upgrade her education and certification as a veterinary technician. She is incredible with the care of all of our pets and treats each of them as if they were her own.

    Why I come to work everyday

    I do my job because I love working with and being around animals. Knowing that people are counting on me to do my part is what makes me get up and go to work each day, and I enjoy having work to do. Keeping the environment clean and the animals comfortable makes me feel good.


Specialty Care

Sometimes sick or injured pets need the care of a veterinary medical specialist. When that happens, VCA specialty hospitals work closely with the general practitioner veterinarians who refer cases to us in order to provide seamless veterinary care to your pet. When your pet is facing any kind of serious illness or injury, our specialty referral hospitals will provide the compassionate and expert care your beloved pet needs.

Our goal is to make sure that when you and your pet are in need that you have access to board certified specialists who are up to date on the very latest developments in their field. In our state of the art hospitals, our specialists also have access to the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment tools and techniques from ultrasonography and endoscopy to CAT scans and even MRI.

As part of the VCA family, we have over 83 specialty hospitals across the US and Canada which provide referral specialty care, so there may be one near you. Our specialized services include: behavior, cardiology, critical care, dentistry, dermatology, integrative medicine, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, radiology, rehabilitation, reproduction, and surgery.

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Emergency Care

In case of emergency, please call us immediately. If it is after hours, check with a local animal hospital emergency clinic.

Deerfield Pet Emergency

103 Powerline Rd, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
(954) 428-9888

Coral Springs Animal Hospital

2160 N University Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33071
(954) 753-1800

Pet PB Pet Emergency

2246 N Congress Ave, Boynton Beach, FL 33426
(561) 752-3232