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    Sheila C

    I have loved and cared for all types of animals since I was a little girl.  From the salamander I found in the yard, followed by the hamsters from my grade school years, to the family cat from my late teenage to early adult years, I know I wanted to continue to keep pets in my life.  I have been referred to as "Snow White" by some friends because I give my maturing produce to the rabbits, raccoons, deer, ducks, woodchucks, and feral cats that occupy a swamp area close to my home.  I have been a mother of four legged "cat kids" since 1997.  Those cats have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, forever leaving their paw prints on my heart.  I am also one of the facilitators for the the Animal Humane Society's Pet Loss Group.  I currently reside in Eagan with my two cats, Rocky and Leela.

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    Judi K

    I love being here at VCA Bloomington Animal Hospital because I enjoy seeing the different types of dogs and cats that frequent the clinic. They are so unique in their own way. I really love seeing all the new puppies and kittens come in. I have been working here since 2004. When I am not working, I really enjoy traveling, doing home repairs/remodels, and going on walks with my neighbor.
    I have been a cat person all of my life and we currently have four cats in our home, Mezzy, Oscar, Lily, and Sophie. Their personalities are all very different. I would eventually like to have a dog, but it is so hard to figure out what kind to get.