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Published: Feb 01, 2012

If you've noticed that your dog is sleeping more than usual or has less energy on walks and around the house, you might want to make an appointment with your veterinarian. WebMD reports that lethargy can be a clinical sign of a serious health problem, such as infections, heart disease or other organ diseases. VCA Animal Hospitals reports that lethargy is a common finding in older dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.

Infections can range from upper respiratory problems to parasites like heartworms, but the news source suggests that lethargy is a common clinical sign of most infections. A veterinarian will be able to assess your dog's health and determine the reason they are more tired than normal.

Some canine diseases may also make your dog sleepy, such as heart disease or canine diabetes. Congestive heart failure is an illness that can attack the right or left side of your dog's heart. Depending on which side is affected, the clinical signs may vary slightly, but fatigue and difficulty breathing are common signs regardless of which side is affected, according to VCA.

Pay attention to how often your dog rests, and if it seems to be more than normal, or if you notice other clinical signs of health issues, take your pet to see a veterinarian. Even if there's nothing wrong, it's better to be sure and avoid the risk of a serious health problem getting worse.