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Many thanks

-The Davisons from Henderson, NV
Pet Name: Pete, Sambuca, and Godiva

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service from VCA Nellis and VCA Black Mountain. Dr. Rohr, Dr. Bennett, and Dr. Fuentes have taken great care of our three cats. And the vet techs and desk staff are always wonderful. My daughter loves to visit with all the pets in the lobby and looks forward to going to "the kitty doctor." Thank you for also providing fair pricing during this awful economic time.


Beverly Davison


-Dee Tumillo from Henderson, NV
Pet Name: Bouncer

Drs. Augenstein, Winn, St. John, Fuentes, and Staff,

I can't express enough gratitude and thanks to all of you for the love, compassion, and care you provided to my beloved Bouncer during her 12 short years of life. You and your staff made me feel like Bouncer was a member of each one of your families.

I would like to especially thank Dr. Augenstein, who had been Bouncer's primary Veterinarian since she was 3 months old. It was Dr. Augenstein's dedication and professionalism, even on her days off, going beyond her duties, in assuring that she, Bouncer and I were always a part of the medical and final grieving process. It was fitting and comforting that Dr. Augenstein was with me and Bouncer during Bouncer's final moments of life. Bouncer passed away on September 8, 2009, but her spirit and love she gave and received will live on in our memories.

Thank you all for your Care and Dedication,

Dee Tumillo and Bouncer.


-Ron and Myong Beach from Henderson, NV
Pet Name: Smokey

To: All Doctors and Support Staff

I wish to express our sincere appreciation for the loving care you provided for my dog "Smokey" during his operation and rather lengthy stay at your facility.

As you well know, our dogs, at least in our older years, take the place of our children who have fled the nest and during Smokey's operation and hospitalization I cannot say who was the more upset, me or him. But you not only treated him with loving care and expertise but also took into consideration our feelings and made sure we were aware of his condition at all times.

During Smokey's lengthy stay at your facility I made it a point to visit him every day and the consideration the doctors and staff at your facility showed to me was the best and made my visits easier. The doctors were always avaliable to talk to us and give us the latest news about Smokey's recovery. I have used your facility for years (first time when you were located closer to K-Mart) and came to know it was the "best in town", and the fact was proven time and time again as you continued to take care of Smokey during his operation and subsequent recovery period.

From the groomers, to the kennel staff, to your front office staff and especially the Doctors at your facility you are the best, and I will always be grateful to you.

Smokey is home and doing well, thanks to all of you. Except for a few small mistakes with where he was supposed to "do his business", he has returned to his old normal self and we have you to thank for that.

This is not sufficient enough but there is no other way I can express our gratitude, except whenever and wherever I can I will sing the praises of your clinic and tell anyone that will listen to me (I have done that many times so far) to, if you have animals, take them to Black Mountain VCA.

Again on behalf of my wife and me (and also Smokey) thank you from the bottom of our hearts; you have given us back our friend and companion.


Ron and Myong Beach & Smokey

Pet Image

Thank You for making our baby better

-Dorinda, Sara,Ramon,Leonardo from Las Vegas, NV
Pet Name: Prof Trewlany

We are ever so grateful to Dr. Winn and his dedicated staff for making our Prof Trewlany feel better.
About a week ago we came home and saw our precious member of our family acting weird, so we did not think much about it as cats have so many different personalities. But when I came home the following day and was beginning to feed our 4 legged family members we noticed that her right ear was swollen and was different. So I watched her and she began to hide and not want to come out and play and such, but being like one of my children but of the 4 legged kind I knew I had to do something for her, so I proceeded to take her to VCA Black Mountain and we saw Dr. Winn, he knew exactly what to do and how to make her all better. We brought her home and instantly we have see a total difference in our Prof Trewlany, even though her little ear has it's stitches and all that on it, she has began to be our playful baby once again.

Thank you Dr. Winn and staff once again for making our Prof Trewlany all better. You have definitely become the families 4 legged Dr.

Thank you from the Coronado Family

Better Service

-Juli Schlack from Henderson, NV
Pet Name: Mollie and Canela

I used to go to another Animal Hospital and felt like they weren't doing their job but then I looked in the phone book and saw Black Mountain Animal Hospital and saw they took walk-ins. I decided to go see them since one of my dogs' was injured at the last minute.They ended up taking her in right away and now I even am so pleased with them I take both of my dogs' there.

Pet Image

My poor baby

-Tammy Storrie from Henderson, NV
Pet Name: Mandy

I rescued Mandy a golden 2 years ago. Now she is happy and very spoiled. HOWEVER, in her first two years before she suffered many illness. Allergies is terrible and had never been treated. She is so afraid of many people. Dr. Fuentes has treated her with kid gloves and I cannot imagine anyone else touching my precious girl. Thank you Dr. Fuentes for your compassion and understanding with Mandy.

Pet Image

Thank you

-Girl Scouts from Henderson, NV

Dear Dr. Winn & Dawn,

Thank you for giving our girl scout troop a tour of your hospital. We learned so much about being a veterinarian.

The gift of your time is greatly appreciated.


Girl Scout Troop 221


-Lindsay from Las Vegas, NV
Pet Name: Avery

About a month ago my dog Avery was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Dr. Fuentes was very kind and understanding when delivering the news. He was patient with us and answered all our questions surrounding the diagnosis. Avery had surgery to amputate the site of the cancer. He is doing so well!!
We came to the low cost shot clinic and all the staff was happy to see how well he was doing.
I am moving to Washington during the summer and Dr. Winn and the Hospital Manager made sure he had all the preventative vaccines to keep his immune system up! We are so grateful for all they have done for us and hope our Avery enjoys his new home in Washington for a long while!!
Thank You to EVERYONE!!! You have all been so wonderful!!


-Molly from Henderson, NV
Pet Name: Buster

My basset hound has been diagnosed with diabetes. I am so thankful to Dr. Bennett and her patience with me and Buster. The entire staff made me feel welcome since I visited often.

I have been taking my animals to VCA Black Mtn Animal Hospital for about 20 years. Thank you to everyone for your dedication and kindness for the animals.

Adoption of TAZ after run over

-Richard (Top) Swank from Henderson, NV
Pet Name: TAZ

First off -- Thanks to Dr. Winn, Dawn and rest of Staff at the Hospital, for the excellent care TAZ received, after being run over on the Highway. Dawn called me, to let me know they had a GSP that was in recovery & would soon be up for adoption. I went down and saw her with her right rear leg in a cast, her lower jaw wired up & various bruises and contusion. Discussed cost involved, and was informed that there would be NO cost to me for any immediate or follow-up services. TAZ was released a week later & has recovered completely. The care and attention given to TAZ while there was outstanding -- Thanks again, to ALL that were involved in her recovery, placement with us, and be aware that I am constantly telling people of your services/concern and friendliness over the past 30 years, with all our previous K-9 companions, which now includes TAZ.