Waukesha Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Groomer

    Jen Kloes

    I started at VCA Best Care Pet Motel in 1996 as a receptionist, two years later an exciting opportunity was presented to me. I was selected to be an apprentice to one of VCA Best Cares top groomers.

    I felt being a groomer was my calling - I was only three the first time I was given a pair of scissors to trim my mother's Show Shelties coat...I was hooked and it was meant to be.

    The most exciting part of my job is the change I help create with each pet grooming. The "before" and "after" of the pet. I could not be more in love with my career choice.

  • Groomer

    Marsha Lamb

    Through my love for animals and hard work during my high school years, I was granted a scholarship to the Wisconsin School of Professional Pet Grooming. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend one of the top grooming schools in the area. Graduating in 1990 I received my Certificate of Completion and headed to VCA Best Care to start my grooming career.

    Continuing education is something I value. I enjoy learning new grooming techniques, as the pet industry is ever changing and gaining more knowledge about pets and their health is very important to me. I attend several seminars throughtout the year and am happy to bring back the knowledge I've learned to VCA Best Care's other groomers. My main priority is always your pet, I look forward to making them look and feel their best. I am the Vice-President of the Wisconsin State Professional Dog Groomers Association. Through the Asssociation I am able to connect with groomers all over Southeastern Wisconsin and we enjoy exchanging ideas to better your pet's "style" and comfort. My future goal is to become a Master Groomer.

  • Groomer

    Nicole Kloes

    I guess I have my family to thank for helping me find my career as a Groomer. My mother was a Groomer as well as my sister . One year while sharing Easter Dinner with my family, my sister mentioned that there was an opening at VCA Best Care and this may be my opportunity to become a Groomer. The very next day I called the Wisconsin School of Professional Pet Grooming and it turned out that the next class started in a week. So I was off to school to start my new career! I began grooming at VCA Best Care Pet Motel in March of 2001 and have no regrets! I love working with the animals and gaining a relationship with them.