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-Susan Franklin from Chicago, IL
Pet Name: Meagan Chloe Simon Mia Chelsey Lily

In 1999, our baby Meagan developed complications after her spay. We went to so many different AHs and no one could find out what was wrong; no one could help her. And then we found Berwyn, who took her in as an emergency patient. Dr. Turner performed surgery and SAVED HER LIFE. We won't go anywhere but Berwyn AH - and no one but Dr. Turner will ever perform surgery on my babies. From the doctors to the techs to the desk staff - they are the best.

Mickey McVicker - Mast Cell Tumor

-Tricia McVicker from Riverside, IL
Pet Name: Mickey

Where do I begin? Let me first start by telling you about my sweet Cocker Spaniel, Mickey. He is a rescue dog! Severely beaten by his former owners, starved to the point where he was drinking his urine to survive. He weighed 10 lbs when he was rescued and I adopted him in May 2003. He has always been healthy until this enormous mass grew on his right hip in less than a month. Now, I am a nurse and made the first appointment with our regular vet, but when the mass became red and hot, I took him to the emergency vets at VCA on a Sunday. They diagnosed him with Cancer (a word that I truly hate) and we saw the oncologist, Dr. Gagnon (an amazing man) on Thursday and started Chemo. After 5 doses of chemo we decided to do surgery and Dr. Turner, one of the most amazing surgeons I have ever met, did the surgery. After a few days, I got a call from Dr. Turner telling me he got all the cancer and there was no worry about recurrence. Because of the size of the tumor, there was very little skin to pull together and we did daily, followed by every two days, followed by every 5 days, of dressing changes. On Saturday, 8/6, Mickey only had one small bandage left over the site of the tumor and today, as he was playing in the backyard like a little puppy (he is 10), the bandage ripped off and in we went for an emergency visit. All sutures and bandages are now off and he is CANCER FREE and I have everyone to thank at VCA Berwyn.

So, let me just thank a few people...

Dr. Gagnon and April, who did everything to shrink the tumor and make Mickey a great surgical candidate.

Dr. Turner, who believed in my theory of the "glass half full"!

Erika and Ann, who changed Mickey's dressing every day, every other day, every 5 days and were two of the sweetest, most caring people I have ever met.

Dr. Bethany Meno, thank you for your kindness and your true love for pets. I know you love Mickey, even when he tried to bite you, and he loves you as well.

And the entire front desk staff who tolerated my hourly calls when Mickey was staying over night two different times. They were always so kind and did everything to assure me that Mickey was okay.

These wonderful people have a true calling and if it were not for them I do not believe my boy would be well today! You will all have a special place in my heart forever!

Tricia and Emma McVicker (Mickey's mom and sister)

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Sheba, three legged little brown dog

-Tami Malina from Forest Park, IL
Pet Name: Sheba

We adopted Sheba with a year old gunshot wound that rendered her hind leg useless. The general consensus was to amputate, three vets recommended this. Simplest and cheapest.

We just felt that this wasn't the right option for our dog so we went to see the specialist. I will never forget that day; Dr. Turner gave us HOPE.

Sheba has corrective surgery this past week and is doing superbly!Thanks to Dr. Turner's expertise and the VCA staff Sheba still has all four of her legs and is well on her way to a successful recovery.

Watch for us in about nine weeks running full tilt boogie on the beach.

We cannot "thank you" enough!

My Sweet Bella

-Susan Sineni from Forest Park, IL
Pet Name: Bella

After 5 hours at a different vet on 5/25/12, we brought our sweet Bella home with antibiotics and bloodwork results due after Memorial Day. After getting home to see her little brothers Hercules and Psycho, she passed away 15 minutes later. When I called our vet they told us not to bring her back as there was nothing that they could do for us on a holiday weekend after 5 pm. I called Berwyn VCA and they told us to come right on in and they would take care of us. They handled our girl with such dignity and respect, reviewed our options (we chose private cremation and got her pawprint to take home) and gave us a chance to say goodbye in a private room they set up. That meant the world us and my 3 year old son who learned about death for the first time. I will be bringing all my pets to Berwyn VCA from now on. Thank you for your kindness and understanding.

Thank you to the staff at VCA Berwyn

-Michael Holdman from Brookfield, IL
Pet Name: Mickey

On July 1, 2014, I brought my beautiful and loyal, Mickey, to the Berwyn VCA because her body had given out from old age. My family and I had 17 wonderful years with Mickey and tried to delay the tough decision that was ahead. It was one of the most difficult decisions my wife and I had to make, but it was made easier by the professional and courteous staff at VCA Berwyn. I want to specifically thank Dr. Christa Baumgartner for explaining everything and being compassionate. Thanks again!

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Loss of a family pet

-Pagan Casas Family from Berwyn , IL
Pet Name: TIGER

Last night my mothers dog was hit by a car and died. This dog was not just a pet but our family. My mother's closest companion and best friend. Wherever she was he was. We rushed him to VCA but by the time we arrived he had no pulse and there was nothing that could be done. The staff at VCA was beyond wonderful, understanding and sensitive to our situation. They were so supportive. Losing our beloved pet is hard but having support like we received from the staff at VCA makes the pain a little more bearable. Thank you all for how you treated my family. You all will forever hold a very special place in our hearts.