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    Allyson P

    Hi! I'm Ally. My husband and I have two dogs, an Akita (Ogie) and a Border Collie mix (Murphy), and we love them more than anything! We try to take them to the park as much as we can as a special treat -- maybe we'll see you there! I've been with VCA since the fall of 2013. Although my degree is in English, my love for animals drew me to explore the veterinary field. I soon discovered that the entire staff here truly holds each patient's interest at heart. They're truly amazing at what they do, and I'm grateful to learn something new from them everyday! I look forward to meeting you and your pet soon!

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    Miss Patches

    Hi, I'm Patches. I've been Ben White's Clinic Kitty for 2 years after a good Samaritan brought me in off the streets. It's a good thing too because I was an expecting mother of 4. The staff at Ben White nursed me through my pregnancy and were able to find loving homes for my little kittens.
    I currently love saying Hi to all the wonderful people who come to visit Ben White and I also enjoy saying Hello to all my kitty companions who come in as well. When I'm not busy greeting people at the door, I like to spend my time either sleeping or helping the receptionist with charts. (aka, I sit on them while they attempt to write in them)
    I'm also known for picking on my roommate Sunny. We like to play wrestle in the lobby most of the time, but we also love to take naps in the sun together.

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    Chelsea R.

    Hello! My name is Chelsea and I recently transferred to Ben White from a VCA in Las Vegas! I am very fortunate and thankful that I was able to stay in the VCA family. I love Bingo, it’s the Vegas in me, and most weekends you’ll find me enjoying a movie or doing something adventurous outdoors. I love bucket lists and even more so being able to cross something off the list, I’m looking at you Sky Diving. I also enjoy traveling, experiencing different cultures and trying new foods….like crickets, they really aren’t that bad. But most importantly I love animals and having the opportunity to interact with yours! 

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    Mr. Sunny

    Hello, I'm Sunny. I've been Ben White's resident Clinic Kitty for 6 years. My original parents couldn't keep me because I have asthma but the staff here at Ben White have made a great new family.
    I pretty much enjoy sleeping most of my day, I have the best dreams. However, my roommate patches always gets me up to play so after I wrestle with her, I can usually convince her to take a nap in the sun with me. She's more the social butterfly, I like to just hang out with one person. On occasion though, I'll get to greet a couple of folks and they are usually impressed at my large build. What can I say, I like to eat. (Too bad I'm always on a diet!)