VCA Beltline East Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Dr. Erickson saved my dog

-Lisa DeVore from Garland, TX
Pet Name: Ike

My mini dachshund, Ike, accidentally licked some ant poison one morning and became extremely ill. My husband and I did not know what to do, and after a few hours of poor Ike being so sick and weak, we called the VCA Emergency Line. Dr. Erickson met us at the hospital in Sunnyvale 15 minutes later and saved my dog. She and the tech assisting were so compassionate and understanding, my husband and I were immediately at ease. No other vet has treated Ike the way she has.

Despite Ike having epilepsy and having seizures whenever he leaves the house, he felt very comfortable and Dr. Erickson and allowed her to treat him without any issue. She is now our new vet!

You can definitely trust VCA and Dr. Erickson with all of your pets' needs.

Lisa DeVore

the best vet hospital ive ever been too.

-lizabeth moore from dallas, TX
Pet Name: blade moore

i have a german shepherd and when we first got him we looked for a good vet. we started with the pet moblie hospital, @ 30 and beltline and were not satisfied with how they diagnosed and treated our dog. then, we found the [email protected] and were very happy with everything. they are friendly and caring about your pets, and our vet Mr. nightengale is very nice and knew things i didn't know about german shepherds at the time. i give them 5 stars!!! we love our dog like family and feel great knowing we have this hospital! thanks again VCA. sincerly, lizabeth moore-dallas tx

They Helped Me Out

-Dylan from Crandall, TX

My dog had been bitten and hit her head on a metal pole. We took her up there and they checked her out and she was done. She got medicine and was out the door ready to go. The VCA staff helped my dog out and got everything checked out right away. These people really know what they're doing and know how to get the job done.

saving my lab.

-casey from rowlett, TX

Bad day: Sampson broke his pelvis in 3 places after being hit by car. Dehlila our pit female didn't make it. Dr. Cassandra Erickson did a great job with Sampson in making the right diagnosis and providing the proper care for him. Her team followed up daily to see how Sam was doing and to make sure he was comfortable and doing well. VCA does great work and has technicians that provide great care for all animals. P.S. Thank you for the card we appreciate it.

Caring and Compassionate

-Carol from DeSoto, TX

My husband and I have used this clinic for over 10 years and everyone there is awesome. We had 3 female dogs (litter mates). Our first visit was for Little Edith (mixed breed) who had become very ill, but we didn't know why. We took her there and she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. She was in the hospital for 10 days and we weren't sure she was going to make it. She had a blood transfusion and Dr. Nightengale looked after her day and night while she was in the hospital. He called us and kept us updated (if we weren't there). He gave her a treatment plan that extended her life by three years and we were extremely grateful to have those years. As the years rolled by we had to put down the litter mates because of an auto-immune disease and cancer. No one could ask for a better group of people to be with you when you see your pet alive for the last time. They cried right along with me and I know in their hearts they cared as much for our dogs as we did.

Marlee's Miracle

-Alisa from Rockwall, TX
Pet Name: Marlee

Our 3 month old mini dachshund Marlee had been under the weather for 6 weeks. We had been to our regular vet at least once weekly and to an after hours animal hospital twice with no real diagnosis and watching our sweet baby getting sicker and weaker. On our last visit with our regular vet who gave yet another wrong diagnosis, I left their office and drove our puppy straight to VCA Beltline East animal hospital where we were met by Dr. Nightengale. He took the time to observe Marlee and perform a complete exam, was with her for more than an hour and his first impression of what was going on was right! He ordered the right tests to confirm his suspicion and new how to correctly treat her and saved her life! He was professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. He kept us well informed and we felt comfortable that our dog mattered to him. We have been with their clinic for 18 months now and have had numerous positive experiences with all of the other doctors, techs and staff. We are grateful to have them as a partner in our Marlee's health and it is because of them that we still have her with us!

Pet Image

Cats new hero

-Debra from Mesquite, TX
Pet Name: Gabby

I am very thankful to The wonderful doctors and caring staff at VCA. Gabby is a 17 year old cat who has had minimal vet care. They were very gentle and thorough with her and I appreciate the time they took to get a diagnosis and the helpful advise that they gave me. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who loves their 4 legged kids.