VCA Bellevue Veterinary Hospital Testimonials

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VCA Bellevue

-Cathy from Bellevue, WA

Dr. Molly Noonan, Robert and the staff at VCA in Bellevue are extremely knowledgeable, kind and caring. Our dog, Maggie, has many phobias and lots of anxiety. The staff at VCA have always taken special care of her when she boards and grooms there; they are so friendly and always professional and always treat Maggie with her best interests at heart. Dr. Noonan is a wonderful, caring doctor; I highly recommend VCA and their great staff!

Great Place

-Erin Weathers from Bellevue, WA
Pet Name: Bast

This place has great service. They explained everything to me in a really helpful way, and was comfortable in discussing prices and services. I never felt like I was being pushed into anything, and the staff was very nice and knowledgeable.

My cat digs your act.

-Glenn Showalter from Bellevue, WA
Pet Name: Agnes

The best vet I've visited to date. A first rate experience.

Many Wags to VCA Bellevue

-Liz McKee from Kirkland, WA
Pet Name: Harold

My husband, David, and I have been taking our dog, Harold, to VCA Bellevue Vet since he was a puppy. They are always upbeat, professional and seem to have a special way w/dogs. I know that my dog is in good, caring hands! We give 3 barks to the staff at VCA Bellevue Vet.

Pet Image

We LOVE VCA Bellevue

-Jocelyn from Bellevue, WA
Pet Name: Gizmo and Gidget

My two little furry friends and I moved to Washington State from California a few years back, but hadn’t found a new vet until recently- I had never been schooled on the importance of an annual visit, and Gizmo and Gidget seemed as healthy as could be, so I didn’t see a ‘need’ to do so- that was, until Gizmo started ‘reverse sneezing’ (also something I had never learned of) and I knew he should be seen.

Dr. Janiak put Gizmo, Gidget and I all at ease with her very thorough physical exam and diagnosis, and also with the reassurance that I’m not a terrible ‘mom’ for not having known better with regards to a regular examination. ‘What’s important is that you’re now, and we’ll take great care of your little ones!’ I immediately felt comforted by her compassion with all three of us!

The conclusion of the initial exams was that my dogs definitely needed some TLC, to say the least. A few blood and urine tests later (which were explained in extremely thorough emails and phone calls), we scheduled a dental cleaning for the both of them. Now, the smell of their breath certainly suggested that some major work was in order, and we anticipated extractions, but what we found with Gizmo in particular was very serious. He had extreme gum disease and bone loss among other oral health issues, contributing to his reverse sneezing that originally brought us in. It was difficult for me to hear the severity of the problems they discovered during the cleaning, but the way everything was explained to me in great detail, the expertise that Dr. Jones has with these situations and the compassion that everyone expressed gave me all the confidence that my Gizmo would be just fine �" and he is! Dr. Jones was a miracle worker with Gizmo's oral health, provided pages upon pages of written explanation of everything that was observed before, during and after the procedure, and he and the staff stayed especially late (past normal business hours) to make sure that both my dogs were fine as they came out of the anesthesia.

All this is to say that I truly believe that Dr. Janiak, Dr. Jones and their teams have had a hugely positive impact on the quality of my dogs’ lives. Gizmo is thriving and acts like a puppy all over again at the mature age of seven. He has a new pep in his step and wag in his tail- and his reverse sneezing is a thing of the past now that his oral health is so improved! Gidget’s breath smells fresh as a daisy and she was quickly back to prancing around and begging for belly rubs. I am beyond thrilled that Dr. Janiak and Dr. Jones were able to diagnose and treat both of my dogs in such an outstanding manner! I’d almost go so far to say that the incredible work that Dr. Jones did with Gizmo’s dental surgery and extractions saved Gizmo’s life. I am extremely grateful!

I enthusiastically recommend VCA Bellevue and have 100% confidence that they will continue to provide the highest level of care and compassion to my dogs for years to come! Thank you!!!


-Lisa from Mercer Island, WA

After looking for a vet who loves an older dog, VCA in Bellevue was just the place. They specialize in geriatric dog care from pet grooming to dental cleaning. Their care and concern for your older friend goes beyond words. We are very pleased with the care that we receive from VCA in Bellevue

Lizzie Loves VCA Bellevue

-Keith n Susie from Bellevue, WA
Pet Name: Lizzie

We have been bringing our Westie, Lizzie to VCA Bellevue for the past two years after many years driving to Woodinville. Contrary to our previous experience Lizzie feels right at home here. The staff is friendly, professional and helpful. They provide special order food and the groomer is special. This has been a great "find" for us and we now have a much happier dog.

Lucy the cat says thanks

-Debbie Haugen from Bellevue, WA
Pet Name: Lucy

I would like to thank you for the care you have given me over my lifetime. Although I don't like coming to the vet, you have always treated me kindly and carefully to ensure I feel the most comfort (even during those pesky exams!). It is my nature to cry loudly, but inside I am purring away (confession). When other vets turned me away, you were there to care for me and I thank you for my continued health. Sincerely, Lucy (the cat).