Bellevue Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Groomer

    Tracey Matney

    As the daughter of a United States Marine, Tracey grew up all over the globe! When her family settled in Olympia, she knew she was home. All over the world she made friends with the neighborhood dogs and eventually that little girl's love of animals turned into a passion for grooming! Tracey has been grooming since 2007 and spent 2 years studying alongside a Certified Master Groomer polishing her technical skills. Tracey loves to learn new techniques to keep her 4 legged clients looking fabulous and her 2 legged clients happy. When she's not busy pampering pooches, she likes to hike, camp, attend dog shows, and read up on obscure breeds that she hopes to meet in person someday. Tracey has 2 fur babies of her own - Zephyr, a Bloodhound Mastiff mix and a Shetland Sheepdog named Siddalu. On occasion, she even remembers to feed her husband, who patiently tolerates the strays she brings home and the trail of dog hair that follows her everywhere. Tracey joined the VCA Bellevue Team in 2015 and she was instantly a perfect fit!