VCA Beech Grove Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Awesome Work

-Marci S from Beech Grove, IN

Thank you for the extensive work you did grooming my new dog from Animal Control. He was quite a mess and really needed all the help you gave him.


-David,Amy and Alison Moore from Indianapolis, IN
Pet Name: Chelsie

Dear VCA Beech Grove Staff,
There are no words to convey to you how heart broken we are that Chelsie is gone. Fifteen years is a long time to have the same cherished pet and companion. Chelsie was a patient at VCA BG all that time starting with Dr. Skinner to the present with Dr. Young and the current staff. We can not thank you enough for all the care she received from each of you over the years. A very special thank you to Donna For all the love you gave Chelsie. You know she was special -just as we did. It's hard to walk in our back door and not be met with a wagging tail, a bark for a treat or a lick of a hand. Chelsie was always so full of life and greeted each day with excitement and anticipation. It was hard to watch her age so much over the past several months. We knew the day would come when we would have to say good-bye to Chelsie; we didin't realize how much it would hurt and how empty we would feel. Our lives and our home will never be the same with out her.
God bless you all,
David, Amy, Alison Moore.

The New Girl

-Sharon from Indianapolis, IN
Pet Name: Holly

Thanks to everyone at VCA for Holly's memorial stone. I've placed it in our rose garden. Every time Darryl and I look at it we are reminded of how much joy she brought to our lives. We are also reminded of you who give so much of your time, effort, heart and soul to so many precious pets.

Also, we are so appreciative of our new little dog Katie. She is a perfect fit for our family and has brought so many smiles and much laughter into our home. Thank you and bless you for being so nice. Darryl and Sharon Kratzer

Pet Image

sissy and bubba

-mary from indianapolis, IN
Pet Name: sissy and bubba

I just want to say that vca beech grove is a great place to take you animals to i took my 2 sissy and bubba there on the 15th and i was more scared then the dogs was and the lady's talked with me and walked me through what was going to happen and just was very nice and my baby's did well and they even called me a couple of days after just to check on the baby's and that was great so if u need to take your baby's any where this is a great place and dr young you are great keep up the great work and thank you guys so much for every thing you did to make my baby's feel like family :)

Thank You

-Brian and Diana from Beech Grove, IN
Pet Name: Aslan and Jewel

Thank you for the loving and exceptional care you have provided for Aslan & Jewel.

When we got Aslan we knew he had serious dental issues. His breath was so bad it made our entire house smell, his nails were so bad, he would limp and they would snag in the carpet. The care he received from you was amazing. He is a poster dog for what poor dental hygiene can cause. Aslan has only one tooth left now you folks could save only ONE after the dental surgery. But he is such a happy dog now!! He runs the fence with the neighbor dog and barks back at him, which is a pretty big deal because he was so afraid and in so much pain he never really played, before the care he received from you all. You brought Aslan back to life and saved him!

Both Aslan and Jewel are doing well and when they are dropped off for grooming they come back looking gorgeous!

Awsome Staff

-Heather from Avon, IN

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for the community. It was a pleasure working with you this past weekend at the Community Outreach event at the John Bonner Community Center. We appreciate all that you do and look forward to working with you in the future. YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!!

Respect and thoughtfulness

-Tiffany from Shelbyville, IN
Pet Name: Daisi

Thank you for your help with my Daisi. She is doing much better. I was impressed by the compassion and thoughtfulness of the staff and their attention to me and my dog.

Above and Beyond

-J from Avon, IN
Pet Name: Kimba

We currently drive more than 45 minutes to take our dog to VCA BG despite multiple vet clinics in our area because they have always gone above and beyond. We rescued our dog from a shelter and she had quite the list of problems. VCA took such great care of her and would call us regularly to check in on her. Over the years, our dog has had her share of issues. Dr. Young and the staff have always shown genuine concern, calling and checking on her, and helping us provide the best care possible. They really care about her and our family. We are so grateful for all they do and would highly recommend them.

Love our Beech Grove VCA!

-Cindy from Indianapolis, IN
Pet Name: Cleo

We recently lost our beloved Cleo who was always adored by the Beech Grove VCA staff. Throughout her illness and on the day of her passing we were loved and cared for by Dr. Jarrell and the staff in so many ways. The support and counsel we received from Dr. Jarrell was such a blessing and the rest of the staff always made us feel like Cleo was one of their favorites! (I know she was!! :) From answering the phone and calling us by name, to checking in to see how she was doing at home, you always made us feel so special.Your care and concern made saying good-bye to our Baby Girl a bit easier. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!