Veterinary Support

  • Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Kizzy Bundy

    Ms. Kizzy Bundy is a native to the Metropolitan area. She has been working in the Veterinary industry since 1993, including private practice, academia, specialty practice and corporate practice.  She received a Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Sports Science from Meredith College in 2005; along with an Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology from Northern Virginia Community (NOVA) in 1999. Upon graduating NOVA, she obtained her license to practice Veterinary Technology. 

    Currently, she works fulltime as a Senior Consultant for BayFirst Solutions, LLC. She works offsite a prominent government agency. She provides technical and programmatic support to a variety of projects. 

    In her spare time, she enjoys relaxation, yoga with her cat Majestic, traveling, roller skating and spending time with friends.  “My first love will always be veterinary technology/medicine."

  • Technician

    Dawn Gaston

    Dawn is a NOVA native but lived in Lafayette, Indiana for 3 years. She doesn't really watch much TV but does enjoy a good zombie movie. She is a beach lover and is much happier outside than inside. Her Jeep is her prized possession. She loves riding around in the sunshine with the top down or sitting by the river under the stars. She has met many interesting people because of her Jeep including her wonderful boyfriend, Luke.

    She has 1 cat and 1 dog. She acquired her dog while in Indiana. Maize belonged to a Purdue student that realized she couldn’t afford the new puppy she had adopted from the local shelter. She was only 3 months old and she couldn’t say no her sweet little face. Her cat Fritzy is a shared pet with her brother and father. Fritzy joined the family in 2010.

    "I work in the field of Veterinary medicine because I have always been a “fix it” person and I have a helping others kind of personality. I work well in emergency situations and do great under pressure. Our animal companions can’t really “speak” for themselves and need my/our help. I have never been squeamish so the dirty side of animal medicine doesn’t usually bother me, and I love animals."

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Gwen Samuels

    Gwen has been working at VCA Beacon Hill Cat Hospital as a Veterinary Assistant since December 2013. I have always wanted to work in medicine, and I started working in veterinary medicine when I started college in 2005. I continued working as a technician after graduating with my B.S. in Biology in 2010. I love working with animals every day! "I'm a veterinary technician because I love animals and I have always wanted to work in medicine."