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    Gina Kreigh

    Gina has been worked at VCA Beacon Hill Cat Hospital since 2012 and was previously working at VCA Old Town. She is married to Andres and they have a son, Ziv. He is a nonstop little pistol! Ziv is learning English and Spanish, and now they are tackling potty training! They love to travel there whenever they can. Gina is fluent in Spanish as well. When Gina is not at work, she enjoy spending time with her family, studying, playing soccer, photography, and resting! She is also currently studying Animal Massage and Reiki and plans to get her certifications within the next year.

    "I love my line of work! I do not really view it as work though. I enjoy coming here everyday in order to help others; animals and people alike! I feel that animals prolong our lives and make us happy, so we should do the same for them. They cannot tell us how they feel or if they are sick, so it’s our job to figure those things out so we can care for them! This makes us feel accomplished, the clients happier, and keeps the pets healthy! They are all our friends. The cats and owners here bring a lot of joy to my life. I enjoy making them happy and I love when they show us their appreciation. I have really grown to love cats. I am so glad that I work here. I hope to continue to build upon my skills and learn more, especially regarding what technicians do. I also want to improve on customer service skills. I love working with animals and people. I think we have a wonderful crew here at VCA Beacon Hill. It is so fun working with all of my pals."