Client Services

  • Front Office Manager

    Ashley Johnson
    School: Penn Foster's Career Schools, Veterinary Assistant

     I was born and raised on a farm in a very small town in Idaho. I spent my childhood always playing with the cows, pigs, and barn yard cats. I always had special touch when it came to cats. Every once in a while a stray cat would show up on the farm and almost every time, I would be the one the cat would trust. The cat would come up to me and allow me to take care of them. I have always wanted to work and help all forms of animals. I decided to take a veterinary assistant program in 2005, which I completed in 2007 and since then I have been doing all I can to help client's pets. 

    My husband, Chris, has been in the Navy for 9 years now and still going strong. So far in those 9 years, we have lived 5 years in Jacksonville, Florida, and now have been in Maryland for 4. We have two wonderful kids, Richard and Keira. We also have 3 furry four-legged children, our dog Titan, and our cats, Spinx and Ty. In my spare time I always enjoy spending time with my family, watching professional wrestling, and reading a good book. 

     "Why do I love working with animals? Because growing up, I wanted animals to feel they could trust me. I would try to develop any relationship I could. There were a few times I have saved kittens from drowning in wells, stuck behind dangerous machinery, and from coyotes. If anything major would happen to them, I would find my dad and insisted that we need to take them to vet. I always try to look out for the best interest of the animal and I try to do the same with our clients pets." 

  • Client Service

    Tamika Silva

    My name is Tamika Silva and I am very excited to be a part of the team at VCA Beacon Hill Cat Hospital. When I was a child I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian dreaming of all the lives I would help and save. A passion and love for animals is something I have always felt and enjoy that I get to interact with other animals lovers. I am pursuing a career in nursing and am a proud mother of two precious little girls who are my pride and joy. My six year old would have a farm filled with animals to love and take care of in her dream world; this makes me very proud she also wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.