• Hospital Manager

    Debbie Maline
    School: University of Maryland University College, MS Health Care Administration

    Debbie has been with VCA Beacon Hill Cat Hospital as the Hospital Manager since August 2012. She is always full of enthusiasm for all pets and especially for those cats who need a little more patience.

    In her spare time, Debbie is a skydiver. She has been *falling from the sky* since June 2013 and has almost reached 300 jumps. She says she is continually learning and improving her skills in the sky and has become very passionate about skydiving! When she is not falling from the sky, Debbie enjoys flying in the indoor wind tunnel to practice and improve her belly skills!

    Debbie is married to Jared, who is active duty Air Force. Together, they have 2 cats; Tank and Motley, as well as 2 dogs; Georgia and Pepper.

    "I love working with people as well as animals. I know that no other job could give me the same satisfaction as this one does. It's very rewarding knowing that I can continually help clients and their pets."