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Published: Apr 28, 2011

Now that the weather is warming up, many pet owners in the U.S. may be tempted to allow their dogs to spend time outside unattended. However, this could pose a threat to pet health, even to canines who are fenced in, according to My Fox Houston.

Dogs who are left outside for long hours could become bored, which may lead them to indulge in destructive behaviors, such as chewing and digging. This could become a serious issue, as pent up canines run the risk of munching on a toxic plant or chemical substance.

Additionally, dogs that are left outside may be tempted to try and escape. They could possible dig under their fence, or leap over the border keeping them in the yard.

Lastly, dogs that are kept outside may end up barking at passersby. This aggression could manifest itself in a number of ways, leading the canine to become anxious, stressed or angry when out for walks or in the house.

The American Kennel Club urges pet parents to ensure that there is a shady spot for their animal if they do plan on leaving them outside. Dogs who overheat will need to be taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible.