Veterinary Support

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Krista Carlsson
    Veterinary Tech School: Foothill College

    Krista is a native San Franciscan and currently one of our Veterinary Assistants. She has always had a passion for helping animals. After the age of 13, she began working closely with all types of animals as a volunteer at the San Francisco Zoo; she worked her way up to Animal Keeper and loved it. She worked closely with the Veterinary staff to keep the animals healthy and enriched and she soon realized that being a Veterinary Technician was her dream.  Before coming to our hospital, Krista spent almost 5 years working as a Veterinary Assistant at a cat only practice. Krista has a special connection with our feline friends and understands their unique needs. She is our cat champion here and we are proud that we are a Silver Certificate Feline Friendly practice. Krista is currently attending Foothill college to become a Registered Veterinary Technician.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Rhee Chu, BS
    School: University of Davis, BS

    Rhee has always been intrigued by the diversity in the anatomy, physiology, and behavior of animals. This has inspired her to pursue a career as a veterinarian practicing in a zoological setting. She devoted four years studying at the University of California, Davis where she earned her B.S. degree in Animal Science. In addition to her educational background to a wide range of animals, from hedgehogs to hyenas, through her internships and volunteering at both the San Francisco and Oakland Zoo. These opportunities enabled her to study the fascinating behavior of various animals and how behavior is a crucial factor to take into consideration when determining the proper veterinary care. She decided to develop her knowledge of small animal medicine about 2 years ago and worked at a clinic in the East Bay before joining VCA Bayshore late January 2015. There are significant differences (physiologically, anatomically, and behaviorally) even in the canine and feline patients she works with in the small animal field. Encountering such differences is training and challenging her to be vigilant about and to adapt quickly to the constant changing situations and patients in the work environment and to think critically while providing care to animals. Obtaining these skills is what she appreciates the most about her job. She is not only looking forward to obtaining her DVM degree, but plans to give back to the community by doing projects through World Vets, providing medical care to the animals and educating citizens in developing countries. In addition to her passion for animals, Rhee enjoys running and hopes to learn how to play the drums one day.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Christine Hau
    Veterinary Tech School: San Juan College
    School: University of California, Davis

    Christine, a san Francisco native, is one of senior Veterinary Assistants with four years of dedicated service to animals at VCA Bayshore. Prior to, she worked at a 24 hour emergency veterinary clinic in Sacramento while attending University of California, Davis. She found a special place in her heart for animals at an early age and subsequently started volunteering at the SFSPCA and the San Francisco Zoo at the age of 13 where she learned invaluable low-stress animal handling skills. Currently, she is attending a distance-learning veterinary technology program at San Juan College to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, knitting, hiking, and spending time with her two dogs, Zoe (Corgi) and Rorschach (Border Collie), and her corn snake, Adonis.