Regular Office Hours

In an Emergency

In case of emergency, please call us immediately. If it is after hours, check with a local animal hospital emergency clinic.

Our neighbor, North Peninsula Veterinary Emergency Clinic is available weeknights: 6:00pm until 8:00am the following morning. Their staff answers the phone beginning at 5:30pm. Weekends: 6:00pm Friday continuously until 8:00am Monday. Holidays: Open 24 hours on major holidays. Phone: 650-348-2575

Surgery Drop Off Hours

When your pet is scheduled for a surgery, you must bring your pet to the hospital ahead of the actual appointment time 7am-7:45am. Please allow yourself 10 minutes to fill out the necessary paperwork. Always remember, no food or treats past 10pm at the night before the surgery but please have water at all times even during the morning before you drop your pet off.

Boarding Drop Off Hours

Please have your pet dropped off before 5:30pm Monday- Friday and before 4pm Saturday and Sunday. Please allow yourself 10 minutes the day that you bring your pet to be boarded with us so you may fill out Boarding Admission Form.