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Published: December 31, 1969

Baybrook Animal Hospital has an amazing micropchip offer. This offer is the best we have ever seen with so many benefits beside just safe-guarding your pet!

The fee for this is $34.99 and includes...
- Microchipping
- Registration fee with HomeAgain for 1 year
- Free 24 hr. access to the Poison Control Hotline for 1 year in case of an emergency - this normally costs a client $55.00 per call!
- Free Access to HomeAgain Hotline if their pet should get lost. This means that immediately the HomeAgain staff will contact every Animal Hospital, Shelter, and Humane Society within a 25 mile radius of this hospital to notify them of this loss and alert to scan for this pet.
- A reduced registration for the following year for the same benefits ($14.99).
- If a client had already microchipped their pet but did not register them with HomeAgain, the registration fee is $14.99 (there is a one time set up charge of $10.00).