Dog Life Stages

We know you want the best care for your dog through every stage of their life, and we are here to help with the VCA CareClub®. With wellness plans for every age, the CareClub® is an easy and affordable way to ensure that your dog stays happy and healthy all year long.

For Prevention and Early Detection, Choose VCA CareClub® Wellness Plans

Junior Paws Wellness Plans
Puppies need special care, after all…they’re just babies! Our Junior Paws wellness plans includes five health exams per year, an initial vaccination series, and more. Get your puppy on the road to ideal health early. Learn more

Adult Paws Wellness Plans
There’s a reason they call dogs “man’s best friend”. They are smart, loyal, fun and just about always happy to see you. Our Adult Paws wellness plans brings you the best in dog health care, including diabetes testing, doctor recommended vaccines, and more. Keep your dog healthy with regular visits to the vet. Learn more

Senior Paws Wellness Plans
It’s a question on every pet owner’s mind. How long do dogs live? The answer is different for every dog, but if you participate in a comprehensive care program like our Senior Paws wellness plans, a long and healthy life is very possible. From thorough senior wellness exams to annual diagnostic testing for early detection, VCA puts senior dog care at the top of the list. Learn more