VCA Bascom Animal Hospital Testimonials

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We love VCA Bascom Animal Hospital

-Lindsay P from San Jose, CA
Pet Name: Sue

We've been coming to VCA Bascom Animal Hospital for 2 years now. I originally brought my dog Sue to be neutered, and I haven't left since! Sue has had a lot of health problems and has spent just as much time at the vet as he has at home. Despite all that, he still loves going to visit everyone at Bascom! The staff have always given Sue the best of care, and love on him whenever he's in. The vets have worked with us to find solutions to his many health problems, and given him the best of care. We can't imagine going anywhere else!

Great Hospital

-Ryan from San Jose, CA

I brought my 6 year old Chihuahua, Joey, in for the annual check up and vaccines. The doctor and staff were so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend VCA Bascom Animal Hospital.

Best Pet Care I Have Ever Experienced

-Bart H. from SAN JOSE, CA
Pet Name: COCO

I would like to take a moment to recognize the entire staff at VCA Bascom Animal Hospital for their professionalism and genuine concern for our 13 year old Chihuahua diagnosed with an enlarged heart complicated by our limited financial situation. The two polite and courteous receptionists, Shanna; who worked with us through numerous appointment cancellations to fit us in very busy schedule, then Adrian; who conducted the concerned and informative post visit follow-ups (it does not surprise me this hospital would be in high demand). Trevor; the technician who initially listened to all our frantic concerns for Coco who calmly and professionally performed his duties in such a manner we understandably mistook him for the doctor. Last but not least, Dr. Vieyra who listened intently to the entire scope of the situation witch encompassed a sick beloved family pet with us on a fixed and limited budget, frightful it was time to put him down. She was willing and able to...properly and skillfully diagnose and prescribe a medication at the cheapest possible cost us. Additionally she prescribed the least amount of medication required for the trial run to save us money. She reassured us that Coco was in no pain, no need for euthanasia if the medications were successful Coco would live comfortably for the remainder of his life. After 5 days the prescribed doses of three different medications the impact was dramatic resulting in phenomenal results for this complex condition. VCA then informed me their clinic would match any online medication costs. Using the online coupon for the free initial visit and the previous records provided we walked away paying minimal out of pocket costs. We also walked away feeling relieved and happy that Coco received the best quality professional care available with positive results. Thank You VCA!

VCA Is The Cat's Meow

-Donna from San Jose, CA
Pet Name: Lola

I brought my kitten in last week to be spayed by Dr. Vieyra. She did such an excellent job, and my kitten healed so quickly. Veterinary assistant Stephanie was very helpful answering any questions and concerns I had. All of the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, which I appreciated very much! I would highly recommend this hospital for the quality care animals receive there.


-Awesome Team from San Jose, CA
Pet Name: Papas Jimenez

We went to Bascom Animal Hospital for years. Our Chihuahua lived to be 18 yrs because of the care they gave him. He was not one to let anyone touch him so when he went for his visits you just never knew if he was going to be nice but they all put up with him for years. When the time came to give him his angel wings they were so kind and caring to us and to Papas. I can not say enough about every single one of them. You can trust your best friend to be taken care of by them. We will never forget all the love and kindness they have given us.