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By Brooke Andersen
Published: May 27, 2014

James Smurr and his wife, Jill Pryor, went back to spend a few weeks at their retirement home in Manzanillo, Mexico. They often visit throughout the year and when they do, Jill volunteers at PATA, a non-for-Profit Mexican Association for animal wellfare. A volunteer at PATA found Alfie almost dead on the street. She took him straight to the volunteer site where they hooked him up to IV fluids. Alfie was very dehydrated and malnourished. He was covered in ticks and fleas and was missing the majority of his fur due to major skin issues. One of the volunteers took Alfie home where she continued his care.

Jill contacted Dr. Vieyra that he was coming and needed a home. One of our clients, Gay, was looking for a dog to add to her family. She was put in contact with Jill and PATA group and it was love at first sight, an "internet match" made in heaven!

Jim and Jill drove Alfie back with them to California. They brought Alfie into our hospital to see Dr. Vieyra. The staff had a basket full of goodies with a sign saying "Welcome to the USA Alfie". What a happy little boy, his tail was wagging the whole time he was at our hospital! Dr. Vieyra ran blood work where she discovered Alfie was heartworm positive and also has lyme disease. He is currently being treated for both and is doing well.

In less than a week our client met Alfie, adopted him into her heart and home and made him a part of her family. He lives with his new mom, Gay, his new Grandma and his new kitty family.

Alfie, now known as Chico, has come a long way from that poor little guy, almost dead in the streets of Manzanillo Mexico, to a healthy, vibrant, happy boy in San Jose, Ca!