VCA Bal-Coeur Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Thanks to VCA Bal-Coeur

-Clare from St. Louis, MO
Pet Name: Oatmeal

Thanks to VCA Bal-Coeur, my dogs--Oatmeal and Raisin--love going to the vet. They think it is a social call no matter the reason for the visit. Over the years both dogs have received consistently warm affection and excellent care from the receptionists, techs, and vets at VCA Bal-Coeur. Oatmeal, though, has required almost all the follow-up visits, teeth cleanings, lab work, even eye surgery. And after all those visits, he continues to barge through the front door tail wagging. Leaving me, as his owner, with the feeling that Oatmeal knows that he is well-loved and well-cared for at VCA Bal-Coeur.

Grateful I Found Bal-Coeur

-Janine from Florissant, MO
Pet Name: CC

I visited Bal-Coeur for the first time to have one of my beagles checked out and the vets working there were very friendly and understanding and helpful! I am grateful that there are people such as Dr. Hart and the rest of the staff that will work with you.

Amazing and Gracious care

-Paul Armstrong from St. Louis, MO

My first trip to VCA Bal-Coeur was for one of the most difficult and painful reasons imaginable, the need to put a beloved friend of 10 years to sleep. I called just before closing on a Monday to ask the cost for euthanasia of a large breed dog and then proceeded to explain my full situation (new to the area, just moved from TX, my buddy was 12 yrs old with a cancerous mass on his jaw and he had stopped eating). The person on the phone, Kate, was kind, patient and understanding. When I arrived the next morning my buddy, Roscoe, and I were greeted by name and led to an exam room that was prepared for him with a blanket so he could lay down. The Dr. and aids we so compassionate and patient as I lay with my buddy in his last moments. The most amazing thing the staff did was to honor my request to have a plaster cast impression of Roscoe's foot print, something they were not prepared to do, however someone on the staff went to a craft store to get the supplies, then they called me to let me know they were able to do it. This final act means so much to me, a final small bit I can keep from a very special friend that protected me and my family of more than 10 years. Amazing staff and amazing and compassionate care. I will happily drive the 20 miles from downtown St. Louis to take my other furry family members to this hospital.