Lilburn Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Kennel Assistant

    Krysta Duncker

    Krsyta joined the VCA Family in 2014. She was born in Riverside, California and has lived in Georgia for 14 years. She has a bachelors degree in Biology from GGC. Krysta and her boyfriend share their home with 2 cats, Korbel and Pinot. In her spare time she enjoys playing video games, cross-stitching, painting, puzzles and playing with her cats. She believes she is a crazy cat lady in training. "I love everything about my job! I love my co-workers, our clients, our patients, and everything about our clinic! The best part of my job is getting to take care of our client's animals from day to day, especially the routine boarders. I come to know their pets so well it's like they are my own. I know them by name and they're always happy to see me and frequently run up to me. Those kind of connections make this all worth while. I love the bonds I build with those animals and their owners. Animals have always been dear to me. They have always been a part of my life from my parents cats, Spike and Spunky, to my own, Korbel and Pinot. It has been my goal since as long as I can remember to become a veterinarian. My dream job would be to become an exotic large cat specialist. I would work with big cat rescues all over the world raising, treating, and rehabilitating these great cats back into the wild. That is what I aspire to be one day. For now, I'm just happy to work along side the great doctors that I do and care for all types of animals here at my hospital."

  • Kennel Assistant

    Kelsea Jenkins

    Kelsea has been working for VCA Avalon Heart of Gwinnett since 2013. She attends UGA and plans to become a veterinarian. Kelsea shares her home with 2 dogs "Abby and Charlie"


    "I am an Animal Health student at UGA planning to go to veterinary school after graduation. I have two family dogs named Bauer and Bella and a black lab mix of my own named Charlie. I love working at VCA Avalon Heart of Gwinnett as a kennel attendant because I get to interact with animals and learn something new every day. There are always new and exciting experiences working with exotic animals in addition to dogs and cats. I look forward to continuing to care for the pets that come in to our clinic for boarding in the years to come while I learn more about the medical side of the veterinary industry."

  • Groomer

    Naoko Abe

    Naoko has been a pet stylist for 5 years, working in a grooming salon, a doggy daycare and an animal hospital. She recently moved here from Florida. Naoko and her husband share their home with 2 Portuguese Water Dogs, Chocolat and Blizzard. They enjoy obedience trial and water competition with their dogs. "I began grooming after I rescued my dog and was unable to find a groomer that new how to properly groom my Portuguese Water Dog. I developed an interest after learning on my own dog so I started taking classes. After graduating, I preferred grooming in the veterinarian field because I enjoy not only grooming the dogs but also helping them. I love grooming show dog cuts and fancy hair styles, but over all I am more concerned about the pets health and well being. I constantly attend grooming seminars so I can offer the latest services to the clients."