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The BEST around for Animal Care

-Ondrea Weikum from Plainfield, IL
Pet Name: Griffin

I want to say that I have lived in 4 different states and the VCA Aurora Animal Hospital by far has the BEST animal care! From day one of being a client of theirs my dog Griffin and I have been treated fantastic! Griffin has an issue with a stick getting stuck in his throat a few years back and he was in the ICU for over 2 weeks. They called me multiple times a day to give me updates, let me come in and lay with him all hours of the day. They went out of their way to answer all of my questions and concerns at all times, I will be forever thankful how they treated Griffin back to health and how they took care of me as well.

On another note I go to Dr. Lindsay McCay for Griffin's allergies. There are not enough nice words out there to describe how Dr. McKay and her staff are with Griffin and I when we have an appointment. They are available via email and phone if I am not able to make it in right away. They have always gone out of their way to help Griffin with his skin allergies - I know they care about Griffin just as much as I do. I would recommend this animal hospital to anyone and EVERYONE!!! They get 10 paws up in our book!!

Very Sad Day

-Carol Reed from El Paso, IL
Pet Name: Katie

My special Katie (golden retriever) was diagnosed with insulinoma in March, 2011. I want to thank Dr. Shawna Green and all staff at VCA Aurora who were involved in her surgery in March, 2011, as they gave us 14 months that were wonderful. And, when things went bad on June 8, 2012, and we had to put her to sleep, Dr. Tonozi was so very helpful to us. I highly recommend VCA Aurora and appreciate all they did for us.

Golden puppies

-Robin Langguth from Plano, IL
Pet Name: Jazz

We were so grateful for the excellent care we received under the guidance of Dr McCullough who helped us through a difficult whelping experience. We brought our Golden Retriever in who after delivering 4 pups could not deliver anymore. An X- ray revealed 9 more puppies. After several hours of trying to deliver them she called in Dr Abel who not only performed the C-section but saved the mother's life through quick information/decisions that ultimately led to spaying her. She needed a unit of blood which VCA had on hand. If this surgery had happened elsewhere the needed blood would most likely not been available. My most heartfelt thanks to the entire team that worked so hard to save both the litter and the mother. The attention to our situation and accommodation to our pet was superb. Thank You!

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Awesome care for Mimi

-AJ from Schererville, IN
Pet Name: Mimi

was referred to VCA/Aurora by my regular vet when she and her team could not find conclusive reasons for my small miniature poodle's (Mimi) seizures. Dr. Abbie Labowitz was her neurologist who diagnosed a brain tumor at the base of her skull. Dr. Lebowitz was awesome in the way she cared for her (and me)! While I did not have to leave her overnight, Dr. Lebowitz stayed in constant contact with me via email over the 2 1/2 remaining months of Mimi's life. My only regret is that we didn't get here sooner. It is a fabulous place with very caring and competent personnel Thank you to all for making us feel extra special.

VCA saved our pet's life on New Year's Day

-Meredith from West Chicago, IL

Our cat, Jett, has been a patient of Dr. Orr's for over a year and I cannot express how much we appreciate his services and especially his "bedside" manner with us and Jett. I also wanted to let you know our gratitude for the VCA Aurora staff overall as well. On New Year's Day morning, I found that Jett was in congestive heart failure. He recently had received a new pacemaker and lead from U of W, however, as happened the first time, it appeared that perhaps scar tissue had built-up and not allowing the pacemaker to fully capture his heart. So we rushed to VCA around 0630 that morning; on the way we called the hospital, to notify them we were on our way. I cannot tell you how good it felt that staff were waiting for us in the lobby ready to help Jett. Also, Dr. Morse and staff were able to have the Medtronic rep in that day (a holiday of all things) to help reset Jett's pacemaker. I also appreciate that while Dr. Orr was off that day, he was also very involved in our situation as well. The staff were consistently calling us with updates and I knew he was in good hands. I really believed all persons involved helped to save his life that day. Again, thank you for providing these services and for having such wonderful, compassionate staff. Happy New Year to everyone as you have given us a great start to ours! Meredith, Russ and Jett Wayant

Elbow surgery

-Penny from Campton Hills, IL
Pet Name: Daisy

In early 2011 we were lucky enough to adopt a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy. We named her Daisy. When she was only four months old we noticed her limping. Through a series of visits to several veterinarian surgeons, we were advised that she needed surgery to correct abnormalities in her elbows. We were advised that even with the surgery, she may not have full use of her front legs. Of the surgeons we consulted, we were most comfortable with Dr. Abel. Right before Thanksgiving 2011, Dr. Abel performed the surgery. I am delighted to report that after her recovery time, she has gained full, painless use of her front legs. Prior to her surgery, she had a difficult time keeping up with her littermates. Now, she enjoys running, jumping and swimming with abandon. Thank you, Dr. Abel.

Oncology Dept - Sir Henry

-Maureen from Naperville, IL
Pet Name: Sir Henry Toothbrush

We were referred to VCA Aurora when it was discovered that my beloved Sir Henry Toothbrush "Henry" had lymphoma. They began an aggressive treatment that helped him go into remission for about 6 months. Unfortunately, the lymphoma returned and we had to start chemo again. They have been absolutely amazing through this entire journey. When we decided to discontinue the treatments (not because they weren't working but because of other issues), they were just as sad and upset as we were. I'll never forget the care and love they showed to my baby. Thank you so much VCA Aurora Oncology Department.

Outstanding Care

-Karen Tomei from Naperville, IL
Pet Name: Ruben

We were referred to VCA Aurora after our chihuahua mix, Ruben, had been limping for several months. Our regular vet, and a second vet, couldn't find anything in his x-rays to explain the limp. Dr. Peacock at VCA Aurora performed an MRI, which also came back inconclusive. Because our dog was in extreme pain, which was isolated to his shoulder area and appeared to be nerve-related, Dr. Peacock recommended amputation. He assured us that if it were his dog, that is what he would do. We were more than a little freaked out by that recommendation, so we took Ruben to another specialty vet for a second opinion. That vet confirmed that although we were still unsure exactly what was causing the pain, amputation would be the only method to ensure that Ruben's pain would be alleviated. We went back to Dr. Peacock for the surgery, which was performed on July 11th. Ruben was able to come home the following day. I was very nervous when I went to pick Ruben up. Angela, the surgical tech, not only has a chihuahua herself, but also has a dog that had to have a leg amputated. She assured me that we had done the right thing and that Ruben would barely miss his leg. She reiterated what I'd read - that dogs heal quickly from an amputation and that it's almost more traumatic for us than it is for the dog himself. The total bill even came in $400 less than the estimate! Almost immediately, Ruben's pain seemed to go away. He has healed beautifully, and had his staples removed today. Angela came out to say hello and see how Ruben's human family was doing with his surgery. That was above and beyond, and deeply appreciated. It turns out there was a small tumor in his shoulder area, but Dr. Peacock feels confident that they removed all of it and it hasn't spread. Ruben needs no further treatment! Not only do we feel confident that we made the right decision, we also feel that we could not have found a more competent or compassionate surgical team. Ruben is running, going on walks, and patrolling his yard once again! Thank you, Dr. Peacock, Angela, and the remainder of the staff, who are always professional, responsive, and kindhearted.

Fabulous Experience

-Marge Brown from Batavia, IL
Pet Name: Mae

We were referred to VCA and Dr. Peacock when it was thought our little Mae (Australian Cattle dog) had torn her ACL. Not only was her ACL torn, but so was her meniscus. Dr. Peacock really took the time to talk to our whole family about our options. The surgery went extremely well and everyone at the hospital was so compassionate. It didn't matter what question we had or when we called - we were treated with such kindness and respect. Everyone from the office staff to the emergency group to our surgery team was so professional and caring. Our follow-up visits were never rushed and Dr. Peacock was so thorough and attentive to our little patient! I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs their expertise and compassionate services! Thank you VCA and Dr. Peacock!

They saved my dog's life

-Jennifer from Aurora, IL
Pet Name: Max

It has been a year now since I brought my beagle, Max, into the ER with a life threatening illness, IMHA. Because of Dr. Medinger's extensive knowledge on the illness and prompt medical attention and treatment administration, Max survived. I know of 2 other dogs with this disease who did not receive specialty intervention, only their current vet, and neither made it through. In addition to their top notch care, the professionalism, and kindness was above and beyond. They truly saved my dogs life, and he is in remission and going strong. I am forever thankful that I ended up at this hospital.