Aurora Pet Bathing

Our hospital offers bathing services for your pet. Whether it is a bath needed in between normal groomings or for the skunk spray odor that won't go away, please contact us about our bathing services. Recommended bathing frequency varies. Your pet's breed and lifestyle will dictate how often they require bathing and what sort of shampoos work best. Avoid bathing too frequently as it may strip vital oils and protection from your pet's coat and skin and cause flakiness and itching. Ask your veterinarian how often your dog or cat should be bathed. Our hospital offers routine bathing and medicated baths as well as medical shaving of cats as recommended by a veterinarian.  Please note that our grooming services do not include standard cutting or clipping.  For full grooming services, please contact VCA Naper Ridge at (630) 717 - 9701 or VCA Bolingbrook at (630) 759-5700.