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Published: May 17, 2011

Shanghai has recently implemented a new policy, that began May 15, that only allows each individual to own one dog. The government is hoping to diminish the nearly 600,000 unregistered pooches in the city.

This new policy, which requires that each individual has to register their dogs or find homes for some of them within a month, has the residents of the city barking mad.

"The new policy says each family can only have one dog, but we have been living together for five years," said 56-year-old Guo Huiying, who has two dogs. "They are family to me, I cannot just give one of them up."

Dog owners are required to pay an annual fee for each canine they own. If they have previously registered their dogs, then they can keep all of them. Pet owners who have not registered their canines may be forced to give one or more of them up.

However, the pet stores in the area do not believe that it will effect their furry friends that much because there is an abundance of pet services. Individuals are more likely to spend a good deal for their pet's health and well being because they are a part of the family.