Annual visits

      Annual examination and vaccinations are very important for the health of your pet. After seven years of age, we recommend twice yearly exams because more problems occur as your pet ages.  By finding problems early, before obvious symptoms appear, we have a better chance of successful treatment.

     To aid us in providing the best possible care for your pet, we also recommend a yearly fecal exam and an adult wellness panel for pets less than seven years old and a senior wellness panel for pets seven and older.

     The fecal sample is sent to an outside laboratory that can check not only for intestinal worms but for other protozoal parasites as well.  Parasites are not only harmful to your pet, but can be transmitted to people as well.

     The adult and senior wellness profiles (or early disease detection panels) include a CBC and chemistry panel to check for many internal problems such as anemia, diabetes, kidney or liver disease, and electrolyte abnormalities.  The senior profile also includes a thyroid test and urinalysis.  Both of these tests also include a heartworm test.  Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes and live in the heart rather than the intestinal tract.  Annual heartworm tests are required for dogs so they can take preventative medication.

     These blood tests and fecal exam provide much valuable information for keeping your pet and your family healthy.