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To the Boarding Staff

-Lavin from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Dozer

Just a little thank you for taking such good care of me when I stay with you. I love your tender loving care and appreciate the special attention you give me.

Great Hospital

-Susan A from Denver, CO

We have been using Aspenwood Animal Hospital since 1992. Their vets are caring and knowledgeable and the staff is always helpful. They have a great kennel that our Westies love to stay in. We highly recommend Aspenwood.

Trust me

-Sean from Manteca, CA

I recently moved to California and amongst other things like furniture, I had to find a place to take care of my kids. I just got back from an appointment here in CA and I have never felt so impersonal in my life! I have a Lab and Weim whom I love like my children (you know the feeling). I have been here 3 months and through 3 clinics so far. I will tell you that Aspenwood and especially Dr. Laura Hedlin is the best I have ever experienced and I have been through 4 states with my big guy and a bunch of vets!! If you are fortunate enough to get your kid(s) into see her (she is swamped, but you would never know it when she walks in), you will not be disappointed!!

The ENTIRE staff was AMAZING...

-M.M. from Denver, CO

I felt I needed to try and spread the word about THIS clinic. My mother & I have had our amazing dog since I was in the 7th grade... I'm now 27.

My mother & I could clearly tell that our wonderful dog's lifework was done and it was time to let her go. We called this clinic first thing in the morning and they were able to get us in straightaway.

They immediately took us to a PRIVATE room where they had a blanket ready for our dog. They allowed us ALL the time we needed to prepare for what was about to come. They came in and explained EVERYTHING that was going to happen and that we could even stay with her throughout the procedure. t

They even allowed us to bring in one of our dog's favorite toys in an effort to comfort her. And EVERY staff member that came into our room to take our dog's weight, etc... EACH one of them told us before they left the room, "I'm so sorry for your loss."

The respect that they showed not only to my mother & I, having gone through something like this for the first time, was just impeccable. And the respect they showed for our dog was beyond words. Our Doctor called our dog, "Angel"... and allowed us more time after she had passed away.

They took a paw print for us, at NO extra cost. And when it was time to take out beloved dog to be cremated, they treated her little body with absolute dignity.

I TRULY cannot say enough about the ENTIRE staff at this Aspenwood location. We even received a card from the clinic sending their regards.

And to ALL who signed, my mother & I cannot thank you enough. Especially you, Dr. Julie. You really helped such a difficult time seem not quite so unbearable. Dr. Julie even hugged me after everything was over. I don't think many other places would do that.

I'm thankful my mother & I, as well, as our dog, were able to find such a stellar staff as THIS clinic and I hope others are fortunate enough to be able to bring their pets to this trustworthy and caring staff.

When the time comes and I'm ready to get another dog, THIS clinic will be the ONLY vet looking at my dog. I just can't say enough about how amazingly wonderful ALL of you were and I cannot thank you enough; ALL of you... And neither can our sweet dog. Thank you again, Aspenwood Staff.


-Rachelle G from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Tigger, Samantha and Oreo

My husband and I moved here from California about a year ago now and in march we took a trip back to visit. When we lived in California we took a trip to visit family in Arizona and left our three cats at a cat "hotel" that seemed amazing. These were the most incompetent people I've ever met and they even put baby oil on our cats to quote- "make them smell better" and when we went to pick up out cats one had what you call a URI basically the cat got so stressed he got sick. So when we had to leave the cats to go on a trip again I was very edgy. When I got back I was amazed at how well the cats where taken care of. I felt so much more comfortable knowing that our cats where being cared for by the same people that gave them their check ups. Not only was I relieved but Aspenwood was surprisingly cheap for boarding our three cats. I would not go to any other place for my little furry bunch. :)

Extraordinary Care and Compassion

-Lori Kavanagh from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Jackaroo

We moved to Denver about two years ago and the first thing we did was start looking for a vet for our 8 year old Aussie, named Roo. It was our good fortune to be referred to Dr Julie Kelly and Dr. Isabel Grillo at VCA/Aspenwood. Both Drs as well as the entire staff at VCA/Aspenwood are kind, compassionate and friendly, giving equal care and attention to pet and owner! Until recently, our visits have been routine in nature but Jan and February 2014 have been anything but routine. In January a family emergency on the East Coast required an extended boarding stay at VCA for Roo and he literally became part of the VCA family while he was there, often sleeping under Dr Kelly's desk and keeping her Aussies company. At the end of February, Roo required emergency treatment/surgery for a life threatening infection. The treatment, follow up care, communication, concern and support from ALL at VCA Aspenwood has been outstanding and we are so very, very thankful!

Worth the Travel

-Melissa Brennan from Platteville, CO
Pet Name: General Beauregard

After moving to Platteville CO, I had the privilege to adopt a Mastif /Lab mix puppy. Aspenwood had always been my selection for pet care in the past, and I decided that I could not trust anyone else to care for my new baby. Yes, Aspenwood is well worth the long distance travel. They truly are the BEST staff anywhere. I would not trust my baby with anyone else! Thank you Dr. Hedlin and staff for taking such great care and TLC with my baby!

Dr. Grillo is awesome

-David Urban from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Bowie

My Black lab met with Dr. Grillo and her staff today and she did a fantastic job. My dog lives her and the staff does a great job!

Thank You

-Dawn Kearns from Thornton, CO
Pet Name: Lexi, Sam, Lena

I now live 25 miles from VCA Aspenwood but I keep coming back because Dr. Laura Hedlin is awesome. She has provided exceptional care to my pets over the years and I can't thank her enough.

Amazing Staff

-Brianna B. from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Stryker

I used to live 5 min from VCA Aspenwood, now I am about 30 minutes away with easily 20 Animal Hospitals between my new place and VCA Aspenwood. I come here for the care Dr. Kelly and staff have provided to my beastly German Shepherd. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Dr. Kelly and staff have been wonderful and exceptionally knowledgeable for the 2.5 years I have been bringing my dog in. I have recommended this Animal Hospital and Dr. Kelly to anyone looking for a new vet clinic.