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By Samantha Brown
Published: July 01, 2014

Cattitude; the Urban Dictionary defines Cattitude as follows; when your cat acts aloof, ignores you or is not in the mood for petting.  Here at VCA Aspenwood we define Cattitude as unconditional love, companionship and a vast amount of entertainment (especially from kittens).  All cat owners have seen both sides of their own feline friend. 

With the unconditional love cat owners see from their feline friends it continues to baffle us as to why it is estimated that 52% of all cats do not receive the annual care that is recommended by veterinarians.  While this percentage continues to perplex, we also understand the challenges of bringing your cat into a veterinary clinic.  Who wants to see their beloved cat become stressed?  However, the benefits of regular health care far outweigh the chellenges associated with bringing your cat into a veterinary clinic. 

Why do we recommend annual visits for cats?  Well, they are masters at hiding illness.  By catching early signs of trouble, before they become severe, we can prevent serious and cosly diagnoses and manage many health issues long term.  Along with an annual exam we recommend vaccines, regular dental care, a nutritional consult, blood work, heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention.  As your feline friend gets older there are additional tests and medications that we may recommend such as blood pressure monitoring, radiographs, joint supplements and more in-depth blood work.

Our team's goal is to help ease the process and stress of brining you feline friend in to see one of our four wonderful Veterinarians.  When you schedule your appoinment ask any one of our knowledgable team members for advice and tips to make the trip less stressful.