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Placido's Care

-Arlene Banos from Houton, TX
Pet Name: Placido

Hi Dr. Slomer,
I want you to know that Placido's care under you has been top notch. You have always been there for him and whatever his problems have been. All of your staff have been wonderful as well. Whatever has been needed they have provided in a very courteous and gracious manner. You provide the atmosphere that the portray. Thanks for all your wonderfull service all the time.

Excellent Care

-Loretta Cowger of the Cowger Cat Clan from Houston, TX

Dr. Slomer and her staff have cared for my furry family for 29 years. My family is chronicled in a binder with numerous tabs so that is a lot of care over that many years. Dr. Slomer and her staff are always knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. They understand that these are family members. They have helped me make the difficult decisions when necessary and have shared tears and comforting hugs at the sad times. Dr. Slomer and her staff are an important part of my family and I very much appreciate their help!

Best Veterinarians and Care

-Virginia Brasher from Sugar Land, TX

My sister and I met Dr. Sally Slomer in 1980, right after she graduated from Texas A & M. She now is working out of the Ashford Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Slomer, the other veterinarians and staff, are the greatest. Dr. Slomer has treated not only my cats and dogs, but also my families' rabbits, sugar gliders, birds, and any other animal that needs doctoring. She will search until she has the answer about a question involving an animal. Dr. Slomer is one of the most caring people I have ever known, and I have said countless times that I wish she were a people doctor also. Everyone needs to take their animals to this clinic, as they will get the best care available.

Wonderful, caring people

-Moya Moran from Houston, TX

I first met Dr. Sally Slomer and her staff four days after I moved to Houston, TX, from Ohio in 1990. They have provided excellent and sensitive care for all my babies, cats and dogs, over the years. Regardless of where I lived in Houston, Dr. Slomer was my only vet. She has done everything from routine physicals and innoculations to major surgeries for cancer or reconstructing broken legs and broken jaws. She has helped me make the most difficult decisions to allow one of my pets to die with comfort and dignity. I cannot imagine anyone more sensitive or caring than the vets and staff at VCA Ashford Animal Hospital. They all are considered as dear friends of mine.

Much Gratitude

-The Stathopoulos Family from Houston, TX
Pet Name: Rafiki, Sarge, Blue, Miss Kitty

Thank you for 27 years of consistenly knowledgeable, caring and compassionate service as our family veterinarian. You have always been personal and professional in rendering aid to our menagerie. As I write this our beloved cats are in your care due to the recent flash flooding here in Houston. I doubt we could have managed to get through it all. Thank you, from all of us.


-Arlene Machado Banos from Houston, TX

7/6/9 ... Again I write to you, Dr. Slomer, because you are the greatest. My little dog, Placido, was very sick this morning. You took him for the day and got him all well again. He's doing great and I am very grateful to you. Your staff are wonderful also.

Thanks for helping me with Buck

-Deborah Wyckoff from Houston, TX
Pet Name: Buck

I recently had the misfortune of finding my 15yr old Poodle, Buck, struggling to keep afloat after being knocked into the pool by his Greyhound Brethen. After 2 days at the Emergency Clinic, I could not afford to keep him there, but I wasn't ready to give up after his struggle. I called Monday morning and asked if Dr. Trlica could keep Buck during the day in case he needed oxygen. VCA kept Buck for 3 days which gave me great comfort and relief. I had been spoiled while living in Lewisville by a Vet and her staff who had the same dedication as VCA. I looked for a long time, but I now know that I have found Veterinarian who can take care of my pack with love and care.

Pet Image

Dr. Slomer is wonderful

-Cassidy McGowan from Stafford, TX
Pet Name: Krewton

My family has been going to Dr. Slomer since she worked at Alief Animal Clinic. She has always been wonderful and she knows you whenever she see's you. Since taking my newest pup, Krewton, to her when we got him a year ago, she has seen him during his good and bad times and always offers me advice or words of praise for keeping him in good health. Dr. Slomer has been an absolute gift to our family and I'm unsure where I'd be without an amazing vet like her!

The Very Best

-Susan Poe from Houston, TX
Pet Name: JR

I love my dogs (past and present) so much that I would not dare let anyone else care for them over the years. I met Dr. Sally Slomer (affectionately called "Dr. Sally") many many years ago. She was exactly what I envisioned a great doctor for my dog would be. Patrick was a kid working for her when I met him. He used to come to my home and "dog sit" every once in a while, when an emergency came up and I could not make it in to the clinic. Then Dr. Sally moved to Ashford Vet. Clinic. The other doctors and staff there are fantastic as well. Patrick is still there and still loves my dogs and Amber is JR's girlfriend. LOL. He just loves Amber to pieces! He loves to spend the day up there when he gets groomed. Officially called "JR's Spa Day". By the way, JR is a 145 lb Akita. Everyone there spoils JR and I appreciate that so much. I never have to worry about him when he's boarded. And as someone said in another testimonial, Dr. Sally will research EVERYTHING until she finds the answers. Thank you all so much for taking care of my JR!


-Jennifer DiMichele from Houston, TX
Pet Name: Petey, Cosmo, and Dusty

Dr. Slomer has been tending to my family's animals (and there has been a lot of them) since she graduated from college. Family being parents and sister's family as well. After moving to another part of the city, we just couldn't find anyone who compares with her and we drive 20 miles just to see her! After all of these years, she continues to be the most caring vet we have ever used and it is worth the not-so-fun ride in the car with our pets just to know that they will be taken care of by the best. Although we hate to think that one day she will retire, we are reassured that Dr. Trlica will be there. She is just as wonderful.