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-lovemypets from redding, CA
Pet Name: spunky

Thank You to Dr. Correia and staff for the wonderful job you do.

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My Puppy Loves Asher

-Christine from Redding, CA
Pet Name: Louie

I recently purchased a french bulldog. I took him to VCA Asher for all of his puppy vaccines. I didnt expect him to like going to the vet but he loves it there. Everyone is so nice to him and gives him treats when he comes in. The staff is very attentive and caring. I will not ever go anywhere else.


-Kristy Johnson from Redding, CA
Pet Name: Winkie

I've brought my pets to Ashers on Hilltop for years, for regular check-ups and emergencies. There are cheaper vets in Shasta County, but you can't be the best and the cheapest at the same time. The care my little critters get from the wonderful staff at Ashers is priceless. And if you didn't notice, there's a form to fill out for a free first exam!!!!

We are very happy

-Danielle from Redding, CA
Pet Name: Gracie

We have taken our pets in for countless problems over the years. The staff has always been very caring and they remember us - which is amazing to us. I have seen several of their vets and they have all been great. We especially love Dr. Correia and Dr. Caraway. Thank you for all you do!

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Joshua chasing butterflies

-Ray Jensen from Redding, CA
Pet Name: Joshua

To all VCA staff and Dr. Correa: Thank you for all your help and understanding when you put our pet down for us. You made Joshua's transition a tender one. We are relieved that he is finally chasing butterflies in green fields forever.

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Free at last

-Buffy Jensen from Redding, CA
Pet Name: Buffy

Hi everyone; My parents finally set me free today, to go find my little brother, Joshua. I have missed him terribly and have grieved for him. I want to thank all of the VCA staff and Dr.s, especially Dr. Correia, for their kind and tender care throughout the last 12 years. I must go now and find Joshie, and we will chase butterflies in green fields forever. Love, Buffy

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Thank You

-Cary from SAN DIEGO, CA
Pet Name: Rosarita Trevor

Thank you for taking care of Rosarita Trevor and all our animals for so many years. She will be missed by many.

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We thought she was a gonner

-the Iversens from Weed, CA
Pet Name: Penny Iversen

We brought our hound dog, Penny, into the ER after hours when she got tangled up with a moving vehicle (then ran into the woods for 2 miles.) Her back leg was completely out of it's socket, her belly was torn up and full of gravel and grass. They were so gentle with her and with us, but we didn't think she'd make it, much less walk again. The Doc put her hip back in it's socket and sewed her up. We hovered over her for several days, washing her wounds as instructed- well, I wouldn't ask the doctor to sew my daughter's prom dress, but her wounds did heal and she can run, after gradually increasing distances, up any hill will barely a limp. She loves to run and we love to watch her. We thank the doctor and staff for their skill and patience. She is still happy to go there when we have to board her, and that says a lot about the care they give.

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Words cannot express...

-Tracy Moore from Redding, CA
Pet Name: Junior

Dear VCA Staff & Dr. Bork,
You all are amazing and I thank you for your love & compassion. I love the clay paw print, it means the world to me. Junior is greatly missed, but is at peace & happy.
Much Love,

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Could Have Lost My Best Friend

-katy Hensley from shasta lake, CA
Pet Name: Bali

I brought my Siberian Husky (Bali) into emergency almost 2 months ago. We have been in the clinic at least 30 or more times. I was going in everyday for a while. We had the FoxTail Nightmare! Every time I had to bring him in every Vet made me feel like they cared about Bali and fixing him. He had surgeries, and was sedated several times, and was in a lot of pain for at least 4 weeks.

Due to the diligence of Dr. Eibear she pulled this Demon Foxtail out of his body 3 days ago! He is responding really well. So far shows signs of complete recovery. If it had not been for each and every Vet we saw and especially Dr. Eibear I could have lost Bali.

My Gratitude and heart felt thanks to all the staff and all the Dr.'s who helped us get through this and go on with our lives - Together! Thanks