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You are GREAT

-Jill G from Trabuco, CA
Pet Name: Christmas, Lucy, Shadow, Bonnie, Clyde, Tinker

Well what can I say, except you are GREAT. You and your staff have taken such good cared of all our pets (dogs and cats alike) for the past 18 years. Only once did I seek a second opinion and guess what, you (as usual) were right on in your diagnosis - not only have I been lucky enough to have you take great care of our pets, I've seen how you kept our neighbor's dog alive longer than expected. Thank you and your wonderful staff for your loving care all these years.


Pet Name: PennyTimChanelCallahan

Many years ago, close to 25, my neighbor recommended Dr. Gordon to me. I had 2 cats at the time. This began a long friendship. Over the years, I added Dalmatians to my family. I would never take my pets...my children ...to another vet. Dr. Gordon and his outstanding staff have always treated my pets with love. They care for the animals like they were their own. Dr. Gordon has always been honest, very caring, and sincere. A pet owner could not find a better place to care for their animal. Dr. Gordon and his entire staff are the best!!!!!

I Want to Share My Experience

-Sandra Medock from Laguna Hills, CA
Pet Name: Barkley, Bridgett, Peaches, Felina, Toby, Charlie

I had a little wheelchair dog who was running out of options. Traditional vet care was no longer working. Dr. Gordon approached Barneys issues on a more holistic level. We started vitamin therapy and weekly acupuncture. The results were amazing. His condition became manageable. Barney was up and rolling for another 3 years. Barney has crossed the rainbow bridge and I am forever grateful for the care and compassion of the staff at VCA Arroyo Animal Hospital. I now have nine rescued furry friends and I totally entrust their well-being to Arroyo. This is a beautiful facility and the level of care your pet receives is beyond excellent. I will never go anywhere else.

Total Appreciation

-Marcia Leong from Mission Viejo, CA

It is my pleasure to share how grateful I feel to VCA Arroyo for the loving care that my two dogs and four kitties have received during the past four years. I have had my share of emergencies and, each time, my pet was examined immediately and had the best and kindest attention humanly possible. I am also confident that this same level of gentle care and handling is exhibited in the treatment area as well. I appreciate Dr. Gordon, Dr. Holden and the other doctors at this hospital beyond words.

Acupuncture for Pets..from Skeptic to Believer

-Peggy Henderson from Santa Ana, CA
Pet Name: Jedi

I have always been a skeptic when it comes to "alternative" medicine. However, in my dog's case, I have no other explanation except that acupuncture truly does work. My three year old Labrador, Jedi, developed an unexplained limp in his right front shoulder last October. It went from intermittent to constant. X-rays revealed nothing - no dysplasia, OCD, etc. He was put on NSAID's and told to limit activity, with a tentative diagnosis of tendonitis/bursitis. Weeks later, he was limping worse than ever, and I decided to take Jedi to a very reputable orthopedic specialist. More x-rays, two MRI's (spine and shoulder), joint tap, spinal tap, and a CT scan of both shoulders revealed absolutely nothing. He was put on more NSAID's, narcotics, muscle relaxers, cortisone injected into the joint, and still the limp did not get better. My dog was a constant tripod. When the specialist told me he wanted to go into the joint surgically to explore, I had hesitations. Poor Jedi had been put under anesthesia for the above procedures each time, and I was getting worried about the possible effects of so much anesthesia. I had heard about acupuncture in horses for sore backs and lameness, and decided that before I would put Jedi through any surgery, I wanted to give this a try. No medication he was on had helped so far, and I was truly not expecting much when I took Jedi for his first appointment with Dr. Gordon. My attitude was "I guess it can't hurt, and it's cheaper than everything else we've done so far". So, I wasn't too surprised when nothing changed after the first few times we went for acupuncture treatments. The one noticeable difference was that Jedi really seemed to like to go to Dr. Gordon, whereas he was rather subdued each time we went to the specialist. The day after the fourth treatment (two weeks after we started acupuncture), my dog walked without a limp. I had to stare at him at first, because for four months, he limped. It was "abnormal" to see him move "normal"! I couldn't believe it! After that turning point, he would still take a few limping steps after getting up, but with each treatment, he got better. Now (two months after starting treatments), he is 100% sound all of the time. We take him hiking again (he went on a five hour hike two weeks ago, ran after a rabbit down a steep incline, had to climb his way out, and never took a bad step!) I can't thank Dr. Gordon enough for "fixing" my dog, and giving me my hiking partner back! I've definitely become a believer in the effectiveness of acupuncture.

Taking Excellent Care of My Dogs

-Joleen Failor from San Clemente, CA
Pet Name: Darbi and Katie

Just wanted to take time to say how much I appreciate the excellent care Dr. Gordon and his staff have given my two dogs. I have had an extremely different situation for the lifetime (starting at 12 wks old) of my 12+ year old yorkie. Dr. Gordan has saved her life MORE THEN ONCE. He really gets her complicated issues and supports her and me in the most positive professional way possible. I can highly recommend him and the staff. They are WONDERFUL!!!:)

Pet Image


-Dave and Franca from San Clemente, CA
Pet Name: Wrangler, Luke and Zak

Our testimonial could be a novel, so we're keeping it short and sweet. Dr. Gordon has shown all of our dogs the best loving care, whether its basic wellness, acupuncture or surgery, we know our dogs are in the best hands. For us, Dr. Gordon takes the time to talk and explain everything and then answer all our questions, no matter when we think of them. In the end it comes down to trust -- and Dr. Gordon is who we trust to take care of our boys.

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Only the Best for Fleegle

-Mike from Foothill Ranch, CA
Pet Name: Fleegle

If you are reading this, then you must be someone who really cares about your pet's well being. If you want the very best for your best friend, then Dr. David Gordon is the veterinarian for you!

When you meet Dr. Gordon, you will know that you have brought your pet to someone who shares your cares and concerns about your pet.

Fleegle has been in Dr. Gordon's care since she was a puppy. I trust Dr. Gordon and have confidence in his ability. I feel very fortunate that Dr. Gordon is Fleegle's doctor.

Always Room

-Arthur Field from Fallbrook, CA
Pet Name: Austin

Although I live in Fallbrook, I have always taken my dogs to see Dr. Gordon as he was recommended to me because of his holistic approach to disease. I will tell you about my last dog Austin, who was 16 years old when he passed away this year. Last year, I had a terrible scare with Austin. Austin was choking in the middle of the night so I took him to the local emergency hospital. The vet there told me he had a major heart problem and that she would have to operate immediately. I was not comfortable with this, so I picked Austin up and took him the next day to a specialist in the area. After an ultrasound, the second vet found a different problem (with his adrenal gland) and said that Austin would need surgery on this tumor within the week. By that time, Austin was in terrible shape and very weak. He was coughing all the time, and not eating. I called Dr. Gordon at Arroyo and he said to bring Austin in immediately. I had to literally carry the dog in. Dr. Gordon ran a battery of tests. He showed me the x-rays and explained to me that, although Austin did have these other problems the specialists were concerned about, the real reason Austin was not doing well was that Austin had very severe pneumonia. I am not sure how Dr. Gordon did it, but after a day in the hospital with IV fluid therapy, IV antibiotics, acupuncture, and other treatments, Austin was able to walk out of the animal hospital! He went on to live for another 18 months and was happy and healthy until the end.

Madison Avenue aka The Mad Woman

-Madison's Sister from Laguna Beach, CA
Pet Name: Madison Collings

Our family has just suffered a great loss today! Madison, our Maddie girl, has become an angel. Dr. Gordon, you have been a great support and an inspiration to our family. The way that you have always taken care of Maddie. You and your staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Madison, may you rest in peace! And we will celebrate your life.