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The final visit

-grateful dog owner from SANTA FE, NM
Pet Name: Gem

Last weekend I made the difficult decision to put my Australian Shepherd to sleep. I called Arrighetti on Monday morning and asked for an appointment. Veronica asked me when I wanted to bring Gem in as if their schedule was wide open. She answered all my questions and I told her we'd be there at 9 a.m. I needed help getting Gem out of the car and Veronica came out so we could lift her down together. We went into an exam room with a warm blanket on the floor. Gem laid down and I sat on the blanket next to her. Dr. Armendariz and his assistant, Frankie, came in and explained the procedure. They asked me a few questions about her condition, but I didn't feel that I was being judged. Dr. Armendariz gave her a tranquilizer and while waiting for that to take effect, all of us sat on the floor in the exam room talking quietly. The lights were dimmed to encourage Gem to relax. When she lay on her side, relaxed and nearly asleep, he gave her the final injection and monitored her heart beat until she was gone. They were very kind, patient, gentle and compassionate, something I'll always be grateful for. On Wednesday, I receive a condolance card with a hand written note from Dr. Armendariz. We were not regular customers of Arrighetti Animal Hospital which makes their care all the more special. I will recommend them to everyone with a pet.

out of town savior

-Alex from Los Angeles, CA
Pet Name: Sadie

we were in the area on vacation when our dog Sadie got a bad tummy ache. it's always very nerve wracking looking for a good doctor when you are far away from home... but we go to VCA back at home, so I knew where to call. everyone at VCA was so helpful and friendly - from the guy who answered the phone and said we could come in right away, to the really sweet vet tech and the doctor who made sure to make friends with sadie before doing the exam.
we are very grateful and already sadie is feeling much better just a few hours later.
thanks VCA Arrighetti!!

Dr Z best vet

-Quintana from Austin, TX
Pet Name: Duncan

I got my start at VCA and have been working with animals for almost 4 yrs now. I have yet to see someone come close to Dr Z's knowledge and compassion for animals and the care that they deserve.