Aroma Park Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Kennel Assistant

    Linda West

    Linda has been caring for VCA pets since 1995!  "Aunt Linda" is incredible with the animals and is known for her fantastic baths and little *doggie massages* while they soak. Linda grew up on a dairy farm working with livestock and still lives in rural St. Anne with her husband and daughter Charlotte.  Linda's fur-family includes her two horses Annie and Smokey, her boxer Katie, and 4 kitties named Pacey, Stretch, Sarge and Booger.

  • Groomer

    Kelly Haas

    Kelly has been grooming since 1982, and is skilled in the beautifying of many different breeds. Many dogs have undergone an amazing transformation at her hands.

    Kelly and her husband share their house with two Standard Poodles, Danger (pictured with Kelly) and Whisper, and two cats, Burglar (a domestic medium hair) and Chaos (a Cornish Rex).

    She has been a part of the VCA family since 2001. There was a two year period that Kelly lived in southern Indiana, but she returned to Aroma Park in 2008.