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-Nancy from Wheaton, IL
Pet Name: Abbie

We brought out beloved Pomeranian to the clinic on Sunday morning. She had been sick and was DOA. The staff at the clinic was the best I have ever seen. They were so caring. Thank you so much for being there.

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Water Rehab at the VCA Arboretum

-KL from Leaf River , IL
Pet Name: Tasha

Thank you Betty Wood and Dr. Peacock. Who knew? Water Therapy was one of the positive chains in a long link back to the good life for our elderly german shepherd. Thanks to the hard work, knowledge, skill and insight of Betty Wood a Massage and Rehabilitation therapist at VCA Arboretum. Along with the orthopedic surgical skills of Dr. Peacock; Tasha is not only walking and eliminating on her own but she can run again. We are not sure how old she is, we guess between 10 and 13. Tasha came to live with us when she was a young one, our first veterinary record was 2004. December 2014, the week before Christmas; our female german shepherd Tasha was backed over with a farm tractor in rural Illinois. It was obvious from the initial impact the trauma was not only life changing but life threatening. Tasha had obvious deformity to her pelvis with blood coming from her rectum. She was unable to move her back legs or tail. Neurologically she was intact with the ability to look around and move her front legs with purpose. We rushed her to our local veterinarian 15 mile away as he was the closest help to stabilize the injuries and pain. The local veterinarian took x-rays that reviled multiple fractures to the right side of her pelvis with a high fracture to the tail along with severe arthritis to the left hip joint area. He directed us to the VCA emergency hospital. Dr. Peacock was able to do the orthopedic surgical repairs needed to repair Tasha’s pelvis. He placed a plate and screws to the right iliac fracture sight. Tasha came out of surgery to the ICU where we could sit and visit with her. The ICU staff was so good to Tasha and us. Allowing us to sit with her in the ICU spending healing time and answering our questions not only in person but on the phone in the middle of the night. Tasha was able to come home with restrictions: non weight bearing to her back legs for two weeks, along with a foley catheter. The staff gave helpful hints on her hygiene care as it was winter time and getting outside would be difficult with non-weight bearing. We could call the hospital at any time with questions or concerns and they were reassuring and helpful. Tasha was able to stand with help 6 weeks post operation however progress was slow. After Tasha’s orthopedic recheck by Dr. Peacock we were given the name of Betty Wood at VCA Arboretum for rehabilitation water therapy. Honestly we did search out closer options for rehabilitation and water therapy as VCA was an hour and a half drive time. After the initial consultation with Betty Wood our decision was made to continue with VCA Arboretum and Betty. Our family believes that Betty Wood made the difference in Tasha turning the corner in her rehabilitation process. Betty worked with Tasha in the water treadmill and gave us tips and therapy ideas to use at home. Betty’s insight to what Tasha needed was amazing. From gentle message techniques to making Tasha stand to eat. It was at this time that Tasha remembered she could walk and move again. It was as if a switch clicked and Tasha began to go outside to eliminate her bowels as she was incontinent at times of stool and urine prior to the water therapy. Slowly we began to see improvement with Tasha. The water therapy changed over to a wheeled cart therapy. That led to no cart and Tasha walking and running around the country side. Tasha is back to a quality of life that is better than expected. She is eating a healthy diet, chasing squirrels and being the matriarch she has always been. I never would want any animal or pet owner to go thru the trauma that our Tasha did, it is comforting to know you can find help at the VCA Arboretum with these skilled and compassionate people.

Heartwarming support

-Michelle Rosch from Naperville , IL
Pet Name: Feebee

We brought our 13 year old Shitzu mix to the VCA Arboretum View. She was going through renal failure. Dr. Dodd was so empathetic and fought back tears and she lovingly put our dog down. She was so kind and warm and made the whole process peaceful. The staff was so supportive and gave us all the time we needed. I would recommend them 100%!