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Thank you

-Judy from Woodridge, IL
Pet Name: Sarina

Thank you for the care and compassion you all showed when we had to say goodbye to our beloved Sarina. You made it easier for us.

Best Decision I made for my Dog

-Jeanne De Vita from Westchester, IL
Pet Name: Spike

After 8 years taking my dog to only two vets, when I found out my dog might need major surgery, I decided to shop around for a vet with not only the best experience, but also a price that seemed reasonable.

A friend recommended Arboretum View so I scheduled an appointment and met Dr. Todd Gray. That decision was the best one I have ever made for my dog--perhaps only second to deciding never to take him to any other vet again!

Dr. Gray is thorough, patient, and emphasizes education. He wants to make sure YOU (the pet parent) make the decision that is right for your pet and your family's budget, and he lays out options with clear explanations. He explains price estimates line by line and invites questions about anything, and answers questions about anything. It may seem like a simple thing, but too often I feel that vets and human health providers are either trying to sell you on something or not listening to what you say at all.

My dog ended up having two surgical procedures and a tooth cleaning with Dr. Grey in one day. The tumor biopsy revealed a malignancy so we were then referred to a staff oncologist. From there we were given options and cost information.

Since moving to Arboretum View two years ago, my "senior" dog (age ten) has had other health issues come up, and Arboretum View staff and Dr. Gray in particular have been excellent every step.

I highly recommend them for every pet owner. The fact that they have a 25 hour emergency clinic is also very very nice. Every time I take my dog in I see pets with all types of injuries and illnesses--these docs can handle everything from routine wellness and vaccines to cancer.

I highly recommend them!


-Pam from LaGrange Park, IL
Pet Name: Bennett

Thank you for once again for taking care of our PWD this weekend for what we considered an emergency.

In the past 8 years, we have relied on Arboretum View for emergency treatment a number of times on weekends and evenings when we didn't think waiting was advisable. Your staff has always been concerned and caring and always recommended the best possible treatment.

It is a real comfort to pet owners to know that you are there to address our immediate concerns where our pets are concerned.

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Norman's Story

-Kathleen and John Leigh from La Grange, IL
Pet Name: Norman Leigh

We were fortunate to be introduced to Dr. Galvao by our regular vet, who felt that Norman’s complex medical problems (pneumonia, asthma, acid reflux, and ciliary agenesis) should be treated by a specialist at Arboretum View Animal Hospital. Dr. Galvao is a caring and compassionate dog guy. When we first met him, he sat on the floor �" not in a chair �" to bond with Norman while we explained his symptoms. Dr. Galvao took quite a bit of time to explain in layman terms what he suspected and what testing procedures and treatment Norman would undergo. We felt that he was a straight shooter who answered our questions in detail. Norman’s treatment required many medications given over weeks at home and accompanied by our observations of his progress. We had many email exchanges with Dr. Galvao during these weeks when we needed guidance, and he provided lengthy, detailed replies, often late in the evening when he probably was at home. Norman now is doing great and we know he received the best care available in the Chicago area. Our thanks go to Dr. Galvao and the wonderful staff at Arboretum View!

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Many Thanks

-Lisa from Trempealeau, WI
Pet Name: Spud

We were visiting from out of town over Christmas and our Lab, Spud, ate a pound of dark chocolates late Christmas Eve. We were so grateful that your facility was open and he could get the needed treatment immediately. Thanks so much to Dr. Yen and the technician at the desk (sorry didn't get your name) for your professional care and positive, welcoming attitudes. I was also relieved that the costs were very reasonable. Spud is doing well now.

Most compassionate place ever

-Mary from Romeoville, IL
Pet Name: Roxie

My Rottie 10 1/2 years old became suddenly ill. I had taken her here years before. Turned out it was cancer. The staff and doctors couldn't have been better to me and my baby. They only did necessary tests to evaluate her condition. My family and I got to stay with her as long as we wanted to say our goodbyes. I don't remember the doctors name, but I've never been shown the compassion from a vet like she gave. She cried with us. They made one of the toughest days of my life a little easier. Thank you all.


-Pat Koperczak from chicago, IL
Pet Name: Banjo

Dr. Birle and the staff our all wonderful, they saved my son Banjo.

Consistently Good Care

-Jefferson P. from North Riverside, IL
Pet Name: Shadow

Staff takes care of my pet friends as seriously as I do and compared to my wife I am ambivalent. No one who knows me will ever say I am ambivalent. So it makes it possible for me to tell my wife how her best cat pal of 22 years has been treated and puts her anxiety at ease. Thanks.

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Animal lovers

-Sue from Westmont, IL
Pet Name: Demon

I was so happy with they were so compassionate about our Golden Retriever (Demon)! He somehow got a bad cut right behind his left ear and the day before I had called at least 10-12 different vets to get prices to get him looked at! But since I am disabled and on food stamps so I don't have alot of money and all the some vets felt I shouldn't have a dog if I can't afford to get my dog looked at! Actually the vet at [another vet clinic] had come straight out and told me since I can't get my dog looked at because I don't have the money that I should bring my dog to him! So the vet at that place can take my dog away from me and bring him to the human society and if I don't bring my dog to him than I should give my address and so he can have the human society come to my house and take my dog away! I refused to do that and when I called VCA they reassured me that they aren't here to take my dog or house away from me!I am not worried about my house! Just not wanting anyone to take my dog away from me! So VCA was wonderful with coming up with a price that worked for me and didn't do anything until we workout a price that worked out for me! I would recommend VCA to anyone and everyone! We took my dog to the Downers Grove office! Plus reassure us before they did anything to my dog! That they actually took me upstairs to show me where my dog would have his surgery and took me downstairs to wait for my dog! Plus VCA even clipped my dogs nails for me! I can't say enough Thank You's for what they have done for me and my dog! Plus their prices are wonderful! My dog Demon ended up gettinng 3 Stitches and VCA had to kind of put my dog under for the stitches! But the vet said my dog was so laid back that my dog didn't move when the vet did the stiches! My dog is doing fine and doesn't seemed to be bothered by the stitches! Plus everyone that worked at VCA all had the personality that they love their job and love coming to work everyday! I mean the people who answer the phones to the people who work hands on with the animals! Thank You,

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Saving Leo

-Gina from Lockport, IL
Pet Name: Leo

I walked into my backyard to see one of my biggest whippet Leo was on the ground and could not get up or move his back legs. I brought him to see someone in Neurology. We were so fortunate to see Dr. Casey Birkel. She explained all of our options in great detail so that we understood exactly what we were facing at the same time showing such compassion and genuine concern for both Leo, my mom and I. Everyone who works there loves animals and it's evident from the time you walk in the door until they loved on Leo when he left. Two weeks later Leo is walking without a harness and healing just as promised. I can't thank Dr. Birkel enough for saving my boy along with all of the other wonderful people who took such great care of him during his stay...always calling me to update me and allowing me to call at all hours to check on him. Dr. Birkel's assistant Denise was so great and made me feel so comfortable leaving my baby boy for the weekend. Wouldn't go anywhere else!! Thank you all from Leo and I")