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Compassionate House Call for Euthanasia

-Kyle Kennedy from Ellijay, GA
Pet Name: Barbie

I wanted to thank Dr. Avery Tomlinson and Joshua Lambert for providing such compassionate care for our 11 yr old labrador, Barbie. Barbie was suffering from seizures that had rapidly increased in frequency, and the indications were she was in pain. We were able to get her a sedative to stop the seizures and let her sleep until the house call could be made in the afternoon. This gave us time to say our goodbyes in a calm and comfortable setting, saving Barbie the stress of transport and a clinical setting for her last moments. Upon arrival at our home, Dr. Tomlinson gently explained what would happen, and what to expect, and let us have the time we needed with Barbie throughout. It was a gentle passing, quiet and dignified. And the respect Dr. Tomlinson and Joshua showed as they took care of her was truly a gift to us.