Veterinary Support

  • Technician

    Robert Bremm
    School: DADE Comm. College, 1981

    Robert has been employed at VCA Appalachian Animal Hospital since November 2001. He attended DADE Community College in Miami, FL. and Miami Lakes Tech, Educational CTR. Robert enjoys his job because he always wanted to be a Zoologist as a kid and working here fulfills his dream. He loves that every day is different, and he enjoys seeing the animals getting better because of our care. In his spare time Robert enjoys, hiking, viewing different waterfalls, outdoor/nature, art, music, rock hounding, bike riding, volleyball, fishing and bowling. His favorite memory of Appalachian Animal Hospital is when we have group get-togethers and do things outside the realm of work. For example: Rafting, the drive in, B-B-Ques, X-mas parties, and of course being in the local parades in town.

  • Technician

    Monica Clark

  • Technician

    Amy Coffey
    School: Gilmer High School, 2010

    Amy graduated from Gilmer High School in May 2010. She has been employed at VCA Appalachian Animal Hospital since April 2008. In her spare time she enjoys going off roading, shopping, and photography.

  • Veterinary Assistant Supervisor

    Joshua Lambert
    School: Fannin High School, 2000

    Joshua has been employed at VCA Appalachian Animal Hospital since August, 2008. He started out as a kennel assistant, and now he is a Veterinary Technician, Surgery Technician, and Dental Technician. He enjoys going off roading and spending his free time with his wife and son.


    "My name is Joshua Lambert. I grew up in Florida, There I was able to see lots of wildlife. I played with snakes, lizards, alligators, all kinds of reptiles. I've always enjoyed exotic animals. Working here I'm still able to see exotic pets people have and I like that. Our hospital is like no other, we take care of injured wildlife, so its very interesting to see what is going to come through the door. We have seen deer, rabbits, all kinds of birds, even a bear cub. I enjoy helping treat the animals, I find the diagnostics very interesting also. I enjoy my job, every day is different and interesting."